Music Monday: Ingrid Michaelson

Ingrid-Michaelson Ingrid Michaelson has become a bit of a perennial popster. Her songs don't consistently reach the top 10, but the lady never. stops. working. Her husband, Greg Laswell, has the same kind of work ethic. When he's not recording, his mixing sound & producing. He shows up on this album, pairing up with his wife on the track Wonderful Unknown. If by chance you haven't happened to hear any of her post "Be OK" music, rest easy. "Be OK" was cute the first time, and then it just droned on because every mom & every radio station in America thought it had to be played every hour on the hour. Every album since then has been pretty solid though. This one is no different. In fact, there are plenty of duets on this album, if by chance you want a little break from All-Ingrid-All-The-Time. Ingrid actually filmed & edited her own lyric video for that song she recorded with Greg. Lyric videos are largely a fan-made phenomenon thanks to YouTube, but when you want it done right, you do it yourself apparently. The lead single, "Girls Chase Boys" is a direct homage to the Robert Palmer video for "Simply Irresistible." Screen-shot-2014-02-20-at-10.03.00-AM Click any of the above photos, or click here, to preorder the album which comes out tomorrow.