Music Monday: Arcade Fire – GRAMMY EDITION

Ok, fockers. Last night, a little bit of magic happened and Arcade Fire took home the award for Album of the Year! I have been a fan of Arcade for years. About 8 years, actually. They were one of those bands that I discovered not via television or radio, but via the internet with friends. I believe the track that became my introduction to those crazy Canucks was "Neighborhood #3." I suppose it might've been something like 7 years instead of 8, but who's counting!? All I knew then, and all I know now, is that despite the fact that they aren't for everyone since they have like 54 people on stage at any given time, (okay, overstatement) they're great to me, and this is my soapbox, so suck it! Click below to listen to "Neighborhood #3" I'll admit when they first started performing 'Month of May' last night, I was a taken aback. The Grammy's typically put on Top 40 artists and their songs, and Arcade Fire doesn't fit that mold. But furthermore, 'Month of May' is one of their least aurally pleasing songs, in my opinion. I'm sure their logic was something to the tune of "if mainstream America can't appreciate this then FUCK THEM" but of course, who really knows. What I do know is that nearly every song on the new album, The Suburbs is awesome. Here's "Sprawl II" (they have a habit of including a theme across multiple songs, hence the numbered titles) from their appearance on Saturday Night Live.