Music Monday: 2013 Recap Part 2 – Lucius

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Harmonies Some months ago I was testing out a new app on my iPhone. I'm an avid listener if podcasts and prior to those, I would listen to NPR talk radio on occasion. Call me Old Man Media, but it helps take the edge off of some mundane tasks. The app is called Swell, and it's essentially the Pandora equivalent of talk radio/media. Select a few interests to get started, and I t'll play a few streams of assorted broadcasts. The longer you listen to a stream, more like it will load up in the queue. It tailors itself to how long you stay interested. LONG STORY SHORT: it was on this app I heard one of NPR's condensed Radiolab music showcases. During a summer music festival in Connecticut, the Radiolab team discovered a band called Lucius. (Yep, pronounced like the elder Malfoy.) They're a well-composed quintet based out of New York. The song that caught me off guard was a live version of "How Loud Your Heart Gets", a track from their recently released debut album. I know some of you others out there can relate to the moment when you've heard a song that catches you completely off guard and cements itself as a touchstone tune — a touchtune? — for the rest of your music-listening days. This particular live version is really a marvel among live recordings, and the song itself is a great piece of songwriting. That version can be found by listening to the June 27th episode of RadioLab. Here they are performing it elsewhere at WFUV's CMJ music showcase: Wildewoman The debut, "Wildewoman", is a particularly strong one for the Brooklyn-based band. [Click here to buy the debut album Wildewoman on iTunes.] At first listen, you'll notice some if the songs seem to stand out from the others stylistically, but after you cycle the album on repeat a few times, you begin to hear how all of the difference plays so well together, like a finely crafted recipe. Each ingredient brings something sweet, then savory, then bitter into one fine gazpacho of an album: It's a lot cooler than what you'd expect. Standout tracks include "Tempest", "Two Of Us On The Run" and the title track, "Wildewoman." "Wildewoman" can be heard in this promotional tour video they compiled from their travels this fall: And also in this Honey I'm Home live session: (particularly enjoy the instrument sharing in this one) The official video for "Tempest" is coming soon, but for now enjoy this simple, monochromatic-into-technicolor stream: "Two Of Us On The Run" (Honey I'm Home live session)