Music Monday: 2013 Recap Part 1 – Ivan and Alyosha

There are only 8 full weeks left in the year. Isn't that disgusting and ridiculous? I was hoping to have so much more accomplished by now. For #nerdjizz, in life. Ah well. With there only being so few Music Mondays left to concoct, I decided I'd start doing my "Best Of 2013" bullshit now. That way, by the time the year is actually almost over, these posts will be wrapped up and we can kick off 2014 so fresh and so clean!
#nerdjizz's Top 8 Bands of 2013 in no particular order; Ivan and Alyosha
Today's feature should come as no surprise, since this band has essentially been the subject 60% of my #musicmonday musings in the past; Ivan & Alyosha. The Seattle-based group is one of my favorite discoveries of the last few years, and with their debut album All The Times We Had finally releasing in early 2013, I'm more than happy to showcase them once again. I think I might've mentioned that there is one song on the debut that, while I love the song itself, ended up being too polished. The song is "The Fold" and an earlier cut that can be found on the 2012 EP The Cabin Sessions is actually my favorite version. In this nerd's humble opinion, the extra studio polish really dimmed the acoustic brightness from the pre-All The Times We Had era. Why am I even bothering to mention such a trifling detail in a post wherein I am supposed to be lauding the top 2013 music offerings? Because even their second best is better than the rest! #poetanddidntknowit Sorry for the terrible rhyming and jokes. Now: Compare & Contrast songs! First up, three takes on "The Fold" "The Fold" live on the Marty Riemer Show "The Fold" from the Cabin Sessions EP "The Fold" live, All The Times We Had arrangement The following song was only featured on an EP from 2011, but it's one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. It's the one that I heard and knew I'd be following these guys for years to come. It's called "Everything Is Burning" and it's wonderful. Seriously, these harmonies will bring fucking tears to your eyes and make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. "Everything Is Burning" acoustic "Everything Is Burning" from the Fathers Be Kind EP Doppelgänger Time! I know I've discussed the members of the band before – two brothers, two non-related members, one touring drummer – but the lead singer Tim Wilson is sort of a dead ringer for Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul.) So if you have some residual love for everyone's favorite TV meth cooker, you can project that love onto Tim! For beautiful harmonious reasons, and not the meth reasons, of course. Tim (on left): Aaron Paul: You can buy "All The Times We Had" on iTunes, On Amazon and on Xbox Music.