Oh. Fuckin'. Snap. The Godzilla trailer is here! From the looks of things, the filmmakers are looking to revive the property in a very big way after 1998's cringeworthy outing. And I mean very. very. big. Seriously, I mean, the sheer scope of this iteration is insane. He's literally a metropolis-destroyer. I can only assume the city we're seeing is New York, and the entire city looks like it's about to crumble in the wake of this one gargantuan Godzooky Godzilla. Sidebar: I'm not so sure how believable I find David Strathairn as a General. But, as I'm thinking about it now, the last few Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff have been sort of Strathairn-esque: thin, wiry & bookish-looking but capable of organizing some serious strike-force operations. So, I guess it follows. Strathairn can stay. (I just prefer him in political & intelligence agency roles a la Good Night, and Good Luck or the Bourne movies.)