Weekly Pull List – 4.2.14

I'm only going to feature one comic this week, as opposed to my typical three. A month from now, I'll likely be doing the same. The book in question is Gail Simone's The Movement. This is the penultimate issue in her gritty story of underdog heroes who found themselves on the right side of justice in a city whose supposed "justice" system is woefully on the wrong side. Corrupt businessmen, cops & elected officials were taking advantage of the weak & meek until The Movement stepped up to start taking back the city. Simone clearly draws inspiration from current events, but works them into her writing thematically rather than literally. There are elements of the Anonymous collective, the Occupy Wall Street movement and like-minded grassroots campaigns that have sprung up of late to be found here, but the story takes place on a personal level. We meet and come to know 6 primary characters and a handful of supporting folk. In fact, Batgirl just recently made an appearance, traveling from city to city when she was on the hunt for a Gotham escapee. Longtime readers of the New 52 Batgirl will also know that The Movement's Katharsis made her debut as an enemy of Barbara's, though she is now fighting for her Coral City citizenry - albeit in a much more ruthless style than what you might expect from a Freedom Fighter. Katharsis is actually the fictional superhero version of real, live person Kulap Vilaysack. Kulap co-hosts the Earwolf Network podcast "Who Charted" and has been a guest on Janet Varney's "The JV Club" which you all know I love. Next month's issue will be the last, and after this episode I'm particularly saddened. Gail does not shy away from creating a diverse cast of characters, and the battle that befell Movement's resident human-to-demon shifter Burden was a particularly well-handled situation of how much our surroundings can make or break us. The Movement is not a gay book, but there was a whole lot of gay in it this week and it's definitely something you should read. It stands on its own very well, so if you've never read the series, you'll have no problem starting here. Please do give a read. The Movement #11 (of 12)