Weekly Pull List – 3.26.14

I'm still so happy that Scott Snyder's The Wake is back. Though the chances are slim, I can see this story being adapted into some kind of big screen opus. Especially when the scope and quality of original genre movies already in the pipeline is considered. And of course Tomb Raider continuing under the steady hand of Gail Simone has me intrigued.


The Wake #7 of 10 The driving force of The Wake is the mysterious story. It's not quite character-driven. While two very apt and capable women are the leads in this serial, the real mystery lies within figuring out just exactly what the mer-creatures are, how long they've been around, and what they're ultimately capable of. It seems they've successfully conquered the seas for themselves, raised the ocean levels (by melting the ice caps) so as to redraw the borders of all lands on Earth, and as we saw in the last issue, are capable of growing much much larger than their previously-seen size. Of course I want to know how this new government of the Americas has come to be after the catastrophic redistricting of ocean boundaries, but I keep finding myself wondering more and more about the creatures of the deep.



Catwoman #29 Selina Kyle has seen her fair share of adventures during her tenure as Catwoman in this New 52 universe. She's fought against the Joker, a villain called The Joker's Daughter, she's fought a demon who was trapped in an ancient artifact, she's seen the impossible underworlds of Gotham that exist deep within the crust itself, and she's none to fond of Oswold Cobblepot – the penguin himself. But she's about to face a challenge that might prove to be right within her wheelhouse, or possibly the most dangerous mission yet: infiltrating Gotham's high society. Keep in mind that people with money will do anything to keep that money, and people in Gotham are more ruthless than people anywhere else. She's lucky she hasn't wasted any of her nine lives yet.



Tomb Raider #2

Lara is on the run for her life, and it's all because of that damned island - again! Something seems to have followed her and the other few survivors back to the mainland, and from the last issue, it seemed as if it had already claimed Jonah. I don't think, surely, that he's really truly gone, but we'll see. There's just Reyes and Sam left to find, and Lara's hot on their trail, hoping to find them before the cursed weather does.