Skin In The Game: Eric Balfour

Eric Balfour is one of those guys you know you’ve seen in that one thing that one time. If you were a fan of HBO’s old show Six Feet Under, you’ll know exactly who he is. He was in the Texas Chainsaw remake from the early part of the 2000’s. He’s in a popular Syfy series called Haven these days. Despite its criminal underuse, one of Eric’s greatest … assets … is his willingness to get naked.

Some behind-the-scenes features from the Chainsaw film revealed that he liked have a goof on his castmates by stripping down. Hell, he even starred in a film where he was not only naked, but performing at full mast in some non-simulated oral sex scenes.

In fact, his giant – when I say giant, I’m referring to its height, Eric is a very tall man – and meaty ass is on full display a handful of times in that erotic movie, Lie With Me, and I’ve even seen a gif of his ass incorrectly attributed to Channing Tatum on tumblr. This isn’t Channing’s ass folks. This is all Eric.

This ass belongs to Eric Balfour, not Channing Tatum.
Shimmy in the sheets, pal.
On the set of Tex-ASS Chainsaw.

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