Alexander Skarsgård Naked In The Snow – Again!

The most recent season finale of True Blood saw Alexander Skarsgård get fully naked for the first time, as his character Eric was sunbathing – for the first time in centuries – in the snowy Alps. On a recent expedition to Antarctica, one of Alexander's exploration mates snapped this picture proving that "little Alex" doesn't mind getting cold. So to show appreciation for the man who himself has a healthy appreciation for nudity, ogle these: tumblr_mdl80wqPZZ1rjrvmvo4_250tumblr_mdl80wqPZZ1rjrvmvo5_250 tumblr_mrrmloUxpp1rgghaio1_1280 tumblr_mrrmloUxpp1rgghaio2_1280 tumblr_mrrmloUxpp1rgghaio3_500 tumblr_mrrmloUxpp1rgghaio4_500 tumblr_mrw2y5hGGW1rtx5lbo1_250 tumblr_mry9b36zgv1sezokho3_400