Seems like Aussiebum is finally taking a page from the Andrew Christian playbook and deciding to start actively marketing toward their (sizable) gay male consumer base. Because frankly – and I don't want to stereotype here – but mesh underwear just aren't for straight men. Don't get me wrong. It's not like they've avoided that particular demographic, but explicit overtures beyond the hot-guy-barely-naked shtick haven't been pursued. They've been the retail equivalent of the frat guy in college who asks you to suck his dick every Friday night after the party, but makes you swear not to tell. Looks like this frat guy just came out.
Mind you, this isn't their first attempt at mesh underwear. In fact, the first attempt was much more revealing. However, this is the first time they've produced their own suggestive promotional materials for such an item. The promo images for that first line were so tame you could've found them in a JC Penny ad, despite the fact that in reality, you could decipher a man's religion when he wore them.