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GameStop Announces Arkham Knight Exclusives

If you were wondering what that pixelated pic from GameStop was where they mentioned a big announcement coming up, well... Turns out the announcement is for this little game I'm sure none of you have heard of -- Arkham Knight? These exclusives are for GameStop pre-orders only! Pre-orders will come with not one but TWO (2) additional DLC packs where you will be able to play as both Harley Quinn (which, apparently, was announced about a month ago and I totally missed it) aaaaand the Red Hood! Arkham Knight Pre-order Consider my pants officially wet!

First Look at Colton Haynes as Arsenal in CW’s Arrow!

Colton Haynes as Arsenal Holy crap, you guys! Colton Haynes' Roy Harper has come out to play and he's looking all neat and fetish-y! Entertainment Weekly just released this image of the Arrow star as Arsenal and includes some news on Roy's involvement in season 3! Says

Last season on Arrow, Roy Harper was injected with Slade’s Mirakuru serum and had to deal with all of the rage that went with it. But now that Roy is Mirakuru-free, what will season three hold for the wearer of red hoodies? For one thing, another red hoodie.

As comic-book fans know, Roy Harper sometimes goes by another name: Arsenal. And not only can EW confirm that Roy will be joining Team Arrow as a fully fledged member in season three, but here’s an exclusive first look at Colton Haynes, who plays Roy, too—in full Arsenal attire (above).

The Arsenal suit will make its first appearance in the first episode of season three, which returns Oct. 8 on The CW.

Sailor Moon is Back!

Sailor Moon has returned, and it turns out the wait was well worth it because the first episode of the new anime is rocking everyone's socks off! Watch it now before the free episode is taken down to make room for the new episode tomorrow! WARNING: I don't remember everyone's Westernized names so I'm resolving to using their original Japanese names, I'll make an effort to fill in the blanks for those who don't know who the hell I'm talking about. Continue reading Sailor Moon is Back!

Finally! A Full-Length Doctor Who Trailer with Peter Capaldi!

Here we go, guys! Our first GOOD look at Peter Capaldi as the Doctor! Now, I have to admit, I haven't been as obsessed with the upcoming season of Doctor Who as I have been in seasons past because I'm a little on the fence -- and it's no fault of Capaldi's! I've been wanting a new Doctor after Matt Smith's second and third seasons, and though Capaldi wasn't the man I was hoping would take up the sonic screwdriver, I'm more than certain Capaldi will leave a great mark inside the TARDIS as his predecessors have! The story-telling, however, I feel, has been taking a turn. Like Clara's story...what the hell is her deal? How is she so capable in so little time? Why should we care? It's a tiny gripe, but others such as this are starting to accumulate, and it's because of this that I've decided to take a step back from the feverish love I have for the show. This season, I'm going in blind -- knowing nothing about it until these episodes air. I've spent so much time expecting awesomeness from previous episodes and almost always came off it a little let down. I grew frustrated with Matt Smith's Doctor because the show went from the stories that hooked you in, to promoting how much a huge star Smith and Karen Gillan were becoming whilst on the show. Smith, of course, cast in Ryan Gosling's upcoming directorial debut (is it a debut? I don't even know anymore), and Gillan being cast as Nebula in Marvel Studios' upcoming box office giant, Guardians of the Galaxy. There's nothing wrong with that, of course. Fantastic for them! I can't wait to see more of them -- though maybe not Gillan's upcoming show on ABC. I don't think that Selfie has what it takes to become a thing. I think it's time Moffat hand off the Doctor to someone else whose hands aren't as full as his, and who probably isn't as willing to throw himself in the spotlight when promoting the show. Moffat can then, in turn, concentrate on making Sherlock even more incredible than he's already made it. Let someone else get back to the storytelling of Doctor Who!

‘Dracula Untold’ Looks . . . Interesting?

Because the paying audience hasn't been over the vampire craze for a while already, here's another hunky up-and-coming actor in another vampire movie! Now, before you guys start harping about how much of a hypocrite I am for gushing (see what I did there?) about my love of vampires in this post, let me just say I'm equally as tired of them being the flavor of the moment as everyone else is. I moved on too, on to zombies and ghosts just like everyone else did, and now it looks like we're all jumping ship and joining the dragon trend (The Hobbit's Smaug, the tons of dragons from the How to Train Your Dragon movies, Game of Thrones' long line of fire-breathers, and so on). Anyway, the point here is the traction the ever-confusing Luke Evans is starting to get. I'll get to why he's confusing in just a sec, for now, let's look at the trailer for his latest, Dracula Untold! Intriguing! But am I sold on it? Not quite yet. As of right now, not knowing anything else beyond this trailer, it looks like it'll eventually make a decent rental or something. I mean, Tywin Lannister playing a vampire again (remember Underworld: Awakening?) is interesting enough! Watering down a horror icon with a backstory that includes a family and the sacrifices he's making for them and his people, though? That's the pill I'm having a tough time swallowing. STOP RUINING CLASSIC MONSTERS, HOLLYWOOD! Anyway, like I said, my main interest in the film is Luke Evans. And it's not so much about his appearance, which is, well... And my interest has nothing to do with his alleged "drunk" antics on cam4.image image image No, if anything, my interest in him is solely on the fiasco that has become in trying to tune out his sexuality. Unfortunately (and I'll get to why it's unfortunate in a second), if you know the story, you can't help but correlate the actor with the question whether he is or isn't gay. For those not in the know: back in 2002, Evans apparently gave The Advocate an interview in which he mentioned being a gay man and having had a boyfriend. The moment his name started carrying some weight, however, his representatives start a hetero-whitewashing and he's suddenly dating women. And, all right, I'll concede that, at the end of the day, it is none of my business -- much less considering I'm in no position to be 'outing' or discussing anyone's sexuality when I'm not-just-yet willing to show my own face either -- but this messy cover-up isn't something that can easily be ignored. Then he goes and does the cam4 thing. Drunk or not, you can't ignore the 'sexual preference' field. It originally stated he was bisexual, since it became public that the "stupidactor" profile belongs to him, the profile's sexual orientation status has been changed to 'bicurious.' Reigniting, again, the discussion if he really is or isn't. stupidactor At the end of the day, I admit I don't care. As long as he's happy and he's not pulling dumb stunts in public, like others out there. But it's a shame, and ultimately unfortunate, that his name becomes synonymous with his sexuality rather than his acting ability because the man is a great actor! There hasn't been a movie I've seen him in and thought "don't quit your day-job!" Whatever the case, however Dracula Untold is received, I'm hoping this will lead to bigger roles for the actor. He's earned a place of note in my mind...and my pants!

Actual Arkham Knight Gameplay and a Surprise!

20140610-100007-36007360.jpg Very sneaky, slipping this one in all quiet-like last night! Of all the Arkham Knight teasers so far, this one is -- by far -- the best! Finally, some actual gameplay footage shows us how the Batmobile (which is supposed to play a big role in this game) races across Gotham and lays waste to obstacles and objects in Batman's way! We also see some brand knew moves Batman's developed to take down enemies. Makes you wonder how much time you're going to dedicate deliberately taking out enemies in the same manner over and over again. And, no, don't refresh. There's nothing wrong with the video. I almost refreshed until I heard the clue and remembered everything was perfectly fine!