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Sponsored: The Evolution of the Sex Toy


Since the beginning of time, men and women have been trying to enhance their sexual pleasure, and the sex toy has played a major role in this quest. According to Alternet, sex toys have been around for 35,000 years or so, and the first dildos were made of hand-carved stone while cock rings were crafted from the eyelids of goats. The first vibrator, which was used in a French asylum to treat "female hysteria," weighed 40 pounds and took two people to operate. Of course years of innovation, creativity, and technology have enhanced the sex toy industry, creating better, more durable, and longer lasting products. While current sex devices are much smaller and do not require as many people to operate them, many are still pretty novel. Today's toys are made of glass, silicone, and metal and can be strapped to ourselves, walls, and even ceilings. With modern-day sex devices, the sexual possibilities are endless.


Naturally, technological advancements have caused the sex toy industry to expand, creating luxury sexual enhancement tools. For instance, popular toys like the Rabbit vibrator and the Bullet have been substantially updated and are now considered luxury toys, as TrendHunter highlights. Even men's toys have been updated with features that stimulate the prostate gland. According to Adam and Eve, toys are instrumental in the creation of seminal fluids and tantalize the prostate, which is considered the male g-spot. So no matter your pleasure, there is a toy out there designed to get you off. Cock rings are one of the most popular items among sex toy enthusiasts. Because of the blood flow restriction, the cock ring wearer can experience a harder erection. It can also help them last longer, which helps those who suffer from premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. However, it's great for any guy who just wants to stay rock hard. Cock rings can also add some extra intensity for your partner. What's more, sex toy manufacturers have started creating cock rings that vibrant, making these toys even more pleasurable. Depending on where you place it, a vibrating cock ring can stimulate your shaft, as well as your partner's anus, perineum, or scrotum. That's a lot of action packed in one small device. If you're looking for prostate stimulation, you have quite a few options. While most of us associate dildos and vibrators as sex devices for chicks, these tools can also be used on men. Anal vibrators and dildos were designed to tease and excite the prostate, and, with the help of accompanying attachments, these toys can also arouse other areas like your balls and taint. You can get dildos that suction to walls, making them perfect for solo use. A step up from anal vibrators and dildos, the prostrate massager is designed to hit a man's prostrate or "p-spot," helping you achieve the ultimate orgasm. Not only is it good for getting off, the prostate massager is also great for your health, as Natural News points out. Stimulating your prostrate can help an enlarged prostrate, treat urination flow problems, stop painful ejaculation and help cure bladder infections. They can also decreas e your chances of getting prostrate cancer. Sex toys have come a long way. From simple devices like cock rings to more intricate equipment like prostate massagers, sexual enhancement products stimulate a wide range of sensitive areas of the body, boosting your pleasure. Whether you use them on your own or with a partner or two, sex toys are perfect for making your sexual encounters even more enjoyable.


Tommy’s Toys – Pictures Speak Louder

Yowza, puppy want a treat? Sex accessories are fucking awesome. Porn stars in sex accessories is... sorry, we died and went to the Pearly White cum gates for a minute. When forces combine, magic happens. An amazing selection of "sexcessories" (see what we did there), plus the power of 3 amazing porn performers is like watching Copperfield fly. Our beloved provider Priape sent us some gear for a Tommy Wells photo shoot with Adam Russo, Cavin Knight, and returning champion Preston Steel. UNDERWEAR Adam sports some amazingly sexy Transparent Briefs. These latex undies give you a sexy peek at the goods inside and are available in multiple colors. Preston and Cavin scope Adam's goods in Priape jockstraps. Preston is wearing the Classic Jock and Cavin is bulging out of the incredibly sexy Laced Jock. Find these amazing underwear here: Latex Briefs - Classic Jock - Laced Jock LEATHER We love when Preston get's kinky! When you're in the mood to pig out, this mask is perfect for you. Have your fuck buddy wear this Cup Jock Mask on his crotch for the day, and you can put it on at night! Have him put his dirty jock in it while your at it. Adam is looking naughty in a Ball Gag, and Cavin's boner is bursting through a Priape English Cock-Ring. This cock-ring has an interchangeable rubber ring for your cock to slip through for that extra tight grip! Once the toys came out, we couldn't keep these studs off each other. That's what we love about introducing new toys to the experience! Find these kinky things here: Cup Jock Mask - Ball Gag - Priape English Cock-Ring And now, a special lesson from Adam Russo: If you always wanna be ready for some great sex, you gotta prep. Let's get serious for a minute - it's buttsex. 'Nuff said, right? Adam was kind enough to go through the details of how to be prepared for gettin' fucked. He used the Colt Anal Douche to explain to everyone. It's not rocket science y'all, but we don't talk about it enough. Go slow, be patient, get a deep clean. Get yours HERE. BONDAGE Lucky Cavin get's bound up with some Bondage Tape. This roll of PVC tape is rad! It only sticks to itself, so no hair pulling and no sticky residue. Bind, gag, blindfold - it does it all! Adam and Preston get Cavin nice and bound, and can't help but take a little bit of advantage. How could you not with a hot stud like Cavin? Adam is quite the thrill taker and definitely doesn't mind a little breathtaking pressure. Below he shows how Endurance Nipple Clamps enhance those adventurous moods! Adam was feeling up for a little more pull, and experimented with Twist and Suck nipple suctions. The suction of these are really strong and no hand pump is required! These are the smallest ones on the market and still accept piercings as Cavin shows below. Find it all here: Bondage Tape - Endurance Nipple Clamps - Twist and Suck Phew. We don't know about you, but we are so hard right now we can't wait to scour Priape for more toys!

We want to send a BIG thank you to Benoit at Priape for generously providing us with the toys, and of course our models - Follow up with these sexy studs on Twitter here: Adam Russo, Cavin Knight, Preston Steel.

Tommy Thursdays: Black Book Buddies

I'd like to take the opportunity Harvey has so generously offered me in contributing here to share with you guys a new venture I'm managing. I've recently teamed up with Black Book Enterprises and launched a new website called BBB is simple, safe, and secret and allows you the opportunity for a one of a kind experience connecting you to your favorite gay porn performers! Simply go to and find the available Buddy you want to connect with one-on-one. On their profile page, enter your information and click the "CALL ME NOW" button to connect. When your Buddy answers the phone, say hello! It's that easy! BBB needs your help to grow and expand! We are really excited about this because no other service brings such an intimate one-on-one connection with gay porn performers including our very own Harvey Walker, Jake Austin, Devon Hunter, and more.

Here is how you can help! Want to talk one-on-one with your favorite porn star? Demand him! Send him a Tweet or message on Facebook telling him you want to connect to him! Use your social media networks to connect with Buddies already signed up letting them know you want to talk to them as well! Want to be a Buddy? We are hiring amateurs as well! If you love to talk dirty, are trying to get your foot in the industry, or just want to help build your brand, please contact us personally, we'd love for you to be our next amateur Buddy! You can email me directly at! Please help us spread the word about our new innovative, one-of- Thanks everyone! Go start talking to your favorite performers! Please follow us on Twitter @blackbookbuddy and friend us on Facebook! Also "Like" us!

Tommy Tuesdays: Birthday Porn Package Giveaway!

Holy Shiz! We are so happy to be celebrating our one year anniversary at Tommy Wells! This has been an amazing year full of wonderful developments, fantastic experiences, and some truly great friends, including Mr. Harvey Walker himself! We can't thank all the websites, porn stars, and behind the scenes people that have really helped us transition into the industry. We want to make this birthday party extra sweet, so no better way to celebrate birthdays than with presents. And who deserves them? YOU! Our readers! We are truly grateful for all the comments, compliments, tweets, and fun! This is a good one... The contest is simple. Alls you gotta do is join the Tommy Wells Mailing List! Just send an email to and you'll be entered to win some great prizes! Here's comes the part about the prizes... Add your email to the mailing list by Sunday the 27th at midnight and be eligible for the 3nd place prize! This includes: 3 Free DVD Downloads at If you win, just email us which digital downloads you want and you can have them for free! 1 Month Free at! 16 Month Priape Calender! Add your email to the mailing list by Friday the 25th at midnight and be eligible for the 2nd place prize! 3 Months Free at! 2 Months Free at! 1 Month Free at! 16 Month Priape Calender! Add your email to the mailing list by Thursday the 24rd at midnight and be eligible for the 1st place prize! This includes: 2 DVDs! San Diego Str8 Military Dudes from Spunk Worthy & Distraction from Titan Men! 1 Free Month Membership to! 1 bottle of STR8Cam Lube and 10 travel squiters! 1 pack of Forta Male Enhancement supplements! 10 condom variety pack! 1 Free Year Premium Membership at! You'll also receive a complimentary issue of's latest sexy magazine, full of sexy articles (including one from Tommy himself) and dick hardening photos! AND a 16 Month Priape Calender! There will only be ONE 1st Prize winner, but multiple second and third places! Lots of chances to win! "BUCK" WAIT - THERE'S MORE! We have a special contest running for all you BUCK ANGEL FANS! We love Buck and think he's one of the sexiest, smartest, and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious performers in the business! Buck was so sweet and sent us a SIGNED COPY of one of our favorite flicks Buckback Mountain to give away to a lucky fan! If you are a Buck fan like we are and want to be entered to win a signed DVD, just put "BUCK ME HARD" in the subject line when you email us! The sooner you enter, the sooner you could win big! Sign up today! Happy Birthday! PS. If you are already on our mailing list - you can still enter! Just refer someone else to sign up and have them mention you sent them. You'll be entered too! Tommy Wells is a 20something Los Angeles based blogger with a passion for porn. He spends his days as a Shepherd of Sin and Liaison of Lechery. You can  keep up with Tommy and his crew at his website. Follow him on Twitter @tommywellsnet.

Tommy Tuesday: Current Nerd Sessions

1. Pride & Prejudice & Zombies - The Graphic Novel We scored this one from the library! Yes, it's true, they had a copy and we were the first one to check it out. We like it so far. The dialouge takes a bit of getting used it (they speak old timey!) but we dig it. It's pretty bad ass seeing these Victorian era bitches really tear some Zombie shit up. It's a good spin on the whole thing (ba-da-bing) , check it out. 2. Canon 30D We aren't very pro yet, so we don't need anything too fancy yet. We done and got ourselves a 'lil present! Got this used gem off Craigslist (yes, you can use it for other things besides hooking up). It's been great so far, taking amazingly clear pictures and making us look super cool ya'll! We got a buncha sexy products from our friends and colleagues at Priape and can't wait to start taking some hot pictures. Live in LA and want to participate? Contact us! 😉 3. The BBC's Outcasts Super good news? It has Jamie Bamber of Battlestar Galatica. The good news? It's pretty good - it feels a lot like BSG. The not so great news? It's kinda slow. But that tends to be the case with British shows. They concentrate a lot more on character development and less on cheap tricks and explosions to keep your attention (BSG was actually the perfect combination of both. Yes, we love that show).  We recommend giving it a shot if you like space drama. You can find out more about the show HERE. Tommy Wells is a 20something Los Angeles based blogger with a passion for porn. He spends his days as a Shepherd of Sin and Liaison of Lechery. You can  keep up with Tommy and his crew at his website. Follow him on Twitter @tommywellsnet.

Last Night At The Cybersocket Awards!

YOWZA! Porn star overdose! We had such an amazing time at the awards show last night and really enjoyed meeting some of our favorite performers (only guys like Samuel O'toole, Chris Porter, and Diesel Washington)! To be honest - we don't remember who won what, LOL! But we are sure you'll be able to find the winners online. Cybersocket hosted a great party! Check out some of the presenters and winners we had the honor of meeting! Samuel Colt & Rod Daily! Diesel Washington - so fun meeting him! He was so flirty - we liked it! Call us! 😉 Stevie D - love the outfit! Wolf Hudson - he did a special Michael Jackson dance tribute just for us after he presented! LOVE! Brent Corrigan - the bow tie! Heart him! An Asian dude! A HOT Asian dude - man, his body is smokin! Sorry - we think he's from the website Peter Fever? We can't know them all! Chip Tanner - SEX on a stick! With cutie Samuel O'Toole behind him! Aww, 'lil cutie Chris Porter! Chi Chi lookin' faboosh as usual! We love you! Such an inspiration and role model! What would porn be without you? Michael Brandon - who has such a big cock it was bulging outa his tight pants! Marcus Mojo - getting frisky with Chico's Angels. Hands off bitches! Jesus Gay Christ, his body is sick! Brent again, winning this time instead of presenting. We love this pic. Again, body. Is. AMAZEBALLS. We like how much he's grown into his looks - since ya'll know twinks ain't really TW's thang. Riley Price! AAAAHH! One of our faves!! Trent Diesel - another one we'd rip apart. Porn boys bein' silly! Phew - what an great show. After the awards were all said and done, we had the chance to meet, mingle and chat with all these hotties! And of course, they were all nice enough to...


Riley Price - MVP! Cocktails With The Star Host Scotty B! Trent Diesel - those arms. Hug us! Donny Wright - one of our favorite sexy newcummers! Jeremy Lucido - photographer/videographer/porno king! Trent Locke - hold the key to our hearts! Triple fucking threat - Samuel O'Toole, Jeremy Bilding, & Preson Steel! More Preston - SEXY! Diesel Washington - w00t w00t! We had a great time talking with him! Stevie D and his Sister! Marcus Mojo & Jeremy! Umm. We die! Brent being silly! Seriously, he's growing into his looks like a hotter Zac Efron! WOOF! Jayden Grey - We still owe you that bowl, LOLZ! Chip Tanner & Sam photo bombing! Can we get in there! DAMN! That sign saw more action than we did! Thanks to everyone that posed with the sign! Tommy Wells is a 20something Los Angeles based blogger with a passion for porn. He spends his days as a Shepherd of Sin and Liaison of Lechery. You can  keep up with Tommy and his crew at his website. Follow him on Twitter @tommywellsnet.

Comic Book Guys We Wanna Fuck

We are so honored to be contributing to NerdJizz! It's true - at Tommy Wells we are huge nerds too. One of the best things about geeking out? Fantasizing about the hottest guys in our favorite graphic novels of course. We currently have a boner for these 3: 1. Skinner Sweet - American Vampire's bad ass villain we can't get enough of. The blonde hair, the blue eyes, and just enough scruff to give him that sextra umph. We wouldn't want to be on his bad side - but we definitely want to be on his naughty side! Insert fangs here! 2. Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead's toughest, coolest, and hottest one handed hero you'll ever see (yeah - he loses a hand, sorry for the spoiler - but get with the program)! It's the beard and his roughness that gets to our core. Who wouldn't want a hardcore grizzly hunk protecting them from the Zombiepocolypse? And trust us, one hand can still get plenty done! (Ask Yorick, our next hottie.) 3. Yorick Brown - Y: The Last Man's last man. He's the last fucking man on Earth. Your other option is the monkey. He starts looking cuter and cuter the more that reality sets in. Besides, he's toned, tall, and likes animals. Sounds like someone you can bring home to Mama. Of course, in this universe, we'd be dead too. **If you couldn't read the speech bubbles in the second picture - she's asking him how he hasn't cheated on his girlfriend considering he's the only man left. His response - well, speaks for itself!** We don't love these stories solely for the hot hunks - these three graphic novels are a great read. And seeing these hotties should entice you to go search for more about the series'. How do you feel about these three? Men of your dreams, or are you reaching for the rubber... eraser! Tommy Wells is a 20something Los Angeles based blogger with a passion for porn. He spends his days as a Shepherd of Sin and Liaison of Lechery. You can  keep up with Tommy and his crew at his website. Follow him on Twitter @tommywellsnet.