Apple Drops YouTube App

Much to the surprise of...a few people, Mashable reported that Apple's iOS6 shall be dropping the YouTube app. So what is one to do if you're a YouTube junkie? Easy, either go to in your mobile browser or turn to services like Vimeo or, hell, Tumblr even has a decent video hosting service.

I keep seeing the intranetz harping about how shocking this is. If you've used the app, you'll know it's not. Brazen? Yes. Shocking? No. Also, if you've been paying attention, you'll remember that Apple also dropped Google Maps and replaced it with its own service. (Oh, and did I forget to mention that YouTube is owned by Google?)

Keep an eye out, the dropping of YouTube could only mean that Apple either created a new service or they're sitting on news of a new partnership. Exciting times ahead!

  • Brandon Dean

    Actually, the dropping of youtube means neither of those things. Google is making its own youtube app for iOS, and considering how iOS’s app was lagging far behind the android version, its a good thing for iPhone and iPad users. Same with maps, Google is making its own Google Maps app, and Apple is making its own. But what will be good for iOS users is that Googles app will get features at a faster rate than when it was a core app for ios. Apple’s map solution is still lagging behind however, not yet having transit directions, nor does it have anything that competes with streetview.