Gay Porn: A Lesson in Editing From TitanMen’s Jasun Mark

"I think a lot of people just assume we just shoot it and post it."
That's what one of TitanMen's directors, Jasun Mark, told me when he and I were talking about his latest Behind the Scenes video the other day. I am ashamed to admit I was one of those people, to an extent. I know the editing process takes up a lot of time, much longer than the actual filming of a project/film/etc. But, in my naive little head, I figured it would take up to two weeks to edit a scene afterward. (In an ideal world, maybe.) Jasun went on to inform me that one of their current releases was shot as far back as this passed January. Holy crap. The Titan team certainly works hard for us and, if you've seen any of their gorgeous productions, then you know it shows! And now Jasun is sharing with us the editing process of his latest Titan flick, Pacific Coast, and what it takes to make sure Ricky Decker's butthole stays well lit as Eric Nero's tongue goes to town on it while they're outdoors! Check the video out at ManCast: FINAL CUT XXX: Getting Light on the Hole Picture at ManCast