Weekly Pull List – 5.28.14

Repercussions from the Crime Syndicate are finally working themselves out. Meanwhile, Catwoman is keeping busy on the side. Catwoman #31 MAR140227 Catwoman has been involved in the Forever Evil, and has been working on the team that essentially saves the world. However, in her own book, she's being kept busy by an entirely different enemy.


Nightwing #30 tumblr_n69rgsVTjp1s3ndkqo3_1280 Dick was outed as Nightwing during one of the Crime Syndicate's first acts of anti-heroic terrorism. This issue marks the last of the Nightwing book (for now) and finds him venturing off on a new adventure. While most of the world thinks he was executed by Ultraman and the rest of the Crime Syndicate (see Forever Evil 1-7,) he's very much alive with only a handful of people knowing his fate. This turns out to be a very handy factor for his new adventures, which will continue in July's Grayson #1.


Suicide Squad #30 STK635358 Here's another book that is finding an end thanks to the events of Forever Evil. The Suicide Squad has been operating under the control of Amanda Waller, but she's pretty much a lone wolf now, so the current incarnation of the team is coming to an end. It will be relaunching soon (much like Teen Titans) but this is the end of the road -- for now. Now that Harley Quinn has her own book, I think I'll just stick with her and skip the next SS incarnation.

Short Sci-Fi Film Packs Major Punch

"Welcome to Black Rock Industries, Contractor." I spotted this on IO9 the other day and, holy cow, it's freaking intense! The premise of it is incredibly simple, but it delivers! We see everything a first-time-soldier in the future sees off the reflection of his helmet while the camera is fixed onto his face most of the time.
From IO9: Written and directed by Ferand Peek, the film does a lot with minimal effects — with help from great voice actors and subtle expressions on the face of lead Eliot Travers. We never quite understand why the soldier is being dropped to the planet, nor what has gone wrong. Instead of making the situation confusing, however, it just adds to the tension. And the frame story, which is that a "forensic accountant" (an insurance agent of the future?) is watching the footage via his safe little UI, makes the whole thing deeply dystopian.
Find out more about the film from its website: http://www.mis-drop.com/

Weekly Pull List – 5.21.14

One story finds an end (with plenty of loose ties) and another starts heating up. Forever Evil #7 of 7 STK633984 DC's latest biggest arc comes to a close with the finale of Forever Evil. If you think that good wins over evil, boy are you ... right. But, the thing is, while it was always an inevitability that everyone's favorite heroes would ultimately win, there are some pretty serious butterfly effects all across the DC world. Dick Grayson was exposed as Nightwing, so clearly things can't go back to normal for him. The government sanctioned Justice League of America is disbanded, and Lex Luthor figures out more identities.


Justice League #30  JUSTL-Cv30-1-d0962 Directly tying into Forever Evil #7, this is the story of how the Metal Men and Cyborg bridge the gap between technology and humanity, and manage to knock out a big arm of the Crime Syndicate's reach.


Wonder Woman #31 ww32 Diana is the god of war, and she's still protecting her youngest sibling from her most evil sibling. Family... AMIRIGHT?


Bonus suggestion: if you haven't had a chance to read any of The Movement by Gail Simone, you can pick up the first volume of the trade paperback today!

Roman’s Recommendation: Clive Barker’s Next Testament

Clive Barker's Next Testament, Vol. 1Hold on to your hats, folks! With artwork from Haemi Jang and written by the Master of Horror himself and his Seraphim Films VP, Mark Miller, we have the first 6 issues from Clive Barker's Next Testament (Vol. 1) out on trade paperback today! In the series, Barker, Miller, and Jang bring us a close encounter with God that won't soon be forgotten! From the April 2013 Nerdist interview with Mark Miller:

Nerdist: Well, it sounds like you’re up to the task. Tell us a bit about Next Testament and what we can expect.

Mark Miller: It’s about a man who unearths God – The God – and soon discovers he’s made a terrible mistake. This is the God of the Old Testament we’re talking about here. He’s not exactly known for being rational or compassionate. As for what to expect from the series, I’m going to go with sex, violence, and sacrilege. Y’know, all the important stuff.

The series has been well received among Barker fans and the artwork alone is bonkers, crazy props to Haemi Jang! Go out and get your copy today or buy it online now!

Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer #2 Released

Rocket and Groot are finally talking! ROCKET AND GROOT ARE FINALLY TALKING! Ok, that might be overreacting for something not all that exciting but it doesn't change the fact that there's a level of excitement surrounding this movie like nothing I've seen before. The antici......pation is palpable and I'm just dying to see Chris Pratt shirtless again how this affects the Marvel universe already!

You (Could) Wear Short Shorts!

nasty-pig-short-shorts Our friends over at Jockstrap Central are having the rarest of sales this weekend: a NASTY PIG SALE! Nasty Pig shorts are 20% off this weekend only, so you should certainly click through and grab yourself some sweet-ass-shaking deals while the stock lasts. (Pro-tip: buy early and often, the quantities won't last long.) jsc-2014-nasty-pig-shorts-16 Both color options of the Streamline and Constellation shorts are 20% off. Click either picture above, or any link in this post to make your short-short purchases now!

Streamline Short:

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The Flash Gets An Extended Trailer!

If you've been keeping up with the CW's Arrow, then you know we were introduced to Barry Allen a few months back. At the end of this cameo, he was struck by the fateful lightning that gives him his powers and we've heard from S.T.A.R. Labs that he's been in a coma ever since. Then came the uncertainty of where this show's intended launch would happen, Netflix or the CW (it's the latter, as you'll see). Now, I admit I'm not heavily into either comic characters but I do watch Arrow and I love it. I wasn't too convinced the show would last but it's really picked up these last two seasons! During last night's intense Arrow finale, there was a teaser for The Flash during one of the commercial breaks. It wasn't great but it was cute. Today, an extended 5 minute trailer was released and HOLY! CRAP! It plays like a movie trailer, it looks better than Arrow, and I think they totally gave away what's going to happen in the first episode, but that's ok! Is it fall yet?! The Flash premieres this fall on the CW. Will YOU be watching?

#TBT: Good Old-Fashioned Locker Rooms

It's throwback Thursday, so lets take a look back at a time when a reporter kept his composure, albeit awkwardly, while interviewing a naked man: The interviewee is Ron Hextall, and the cameraman pulls back just enough for a quick pube shot at the :05 mark. Tom Meese clearly has a case of "locker room poker face" thereafter as he's trying his damnedest not to acknowledge that Hexnall's peen is just chilling right beneath the camera line. Bless. --- Next up, here's a great display of kinsmannship between bros in the locker room. "You dry my back, I'll dry yours..." --- The next two go way back. Back to the two World Wars in fact, and they take place in the locker rooms of war: rivers. From World War I, allied soldiers sprint down to the river to get cleaned up. Then some fellas in WWII do the same thing. Fewer men, but better footage.