Weekly Pull List – 4.30.14

Annual/Eternal Roundup Batgirl Annual #2  BG-ANNUAL-1-8738e Batgirl's first New 52 Annual found her teaming up with Catwoman & Batwoman (and the now-popular mute Bird of Prey, Strix.) This year, Batgirl has a different former-Bird of Prey to contend with. Poison Ivy is getting the Gail Simone treatment this time, and boy oh boy, is it ever great. Ivy has long been a character who was – pardon the pun – ripe for character development. There's a touch of psychosis there, but it's not necessarily Malicious. Hell, over in Detective Comics, Ivy even teamed up with Batman himself, assisting him in his Arkham breakout. (See Detective Comics #28.) Simone gives Ivy a story that is worthy of her character, and quite frankly a story that leaves you touched by her cold, green heart.


Batwoman Annual #1  STK636840 It's rather unfortunate that Batwoman didn't get an Annual issue last year when the primo team-o of J.H. Williams III & W. Haden Blackman were still on the book. Nonetheless, this newest annual does wrap up Kate's involvement with the DEO & Dir. Bones. We get to see her square off with Bruce, and then ultimately team up with Bruce. It's satisfying, of course, but it still would've been nice if the original guys had been drawing this one. I miss their narratives, but I miss their art most of all.


Batman Eternal #5 BatmanEternal5 There are sidekicks aplenty in this issue. I'm still waiting on the eventual transformation of Harper Row into Bluebelle or Nightwing or whatever it is she becomes, but it is nice to see her in action alongside Red Robin in this issue.

#TumblrTuesday: hornytoonsgifs

4225_d0b0 This #TumblrTuesday post makes us a little sad. For whatever reason, tumblr user hornytoonsgifs decided to delete their account, leaving a massive void where our hearts once were. Could've been copyright issues, could've been incessant demands for new content. RIP hornytoonsgifs, this #hashtag's for you! 🙁 #hornytoonsgifs Continue reading #TumblrTuesday: hornytoonsgifs

Godzilla & Co.

American movie marketing and Japanese movie marketing require separate approaches. Godzilla is an intrinsic Japanese institution, and as such, the latest American incarnation of their beloved kaiju has to prove itself worthy of their time. Here in the US, we like our big-budget box office smashes to drip with affected suspense and a touch of mellow drama, but across the Pacific pond, audiences want to know what kind of action is in store. Thus, MOAR MONSTARS! We finally see that Godzilla is not the only big bad on the block; it seems two other monsters are joining the apocalyptic fray. One flies (is that Rodan?) and one has a pair of red Cloverfield-esque appendages (Muto?) The glimpses are quick, so maybe we're only dealing with a single foe for Godzilla to fight, but it's looking like they're upping the ante. After all, Guillermo Del Toro's critically acclaimed but little-viewed ode-du-kaiju-homage Pacific Rim had no less than 8 gargantuan monsters (even if some were only shown in montage sequences.) Way to lay out your massive stream in the pissing contest, Gui. It was clearly his way of saying "your move, Hollywood." Well, Hollywood is finally whipping their dick out.  

Showtime’s Penny Dreadful Now Streaming Online

20140428-132644.jpg No, this isn't a post promoting a torrent or download! Showtime has followed in HBO's footsteps, kind of, by releasing the pilot episode of their new show, Penny Dreadful, and it's now available to stream online for free (ala Silicon Valley on YouTube -- I'd link to it but the network has since made the video private). The kicker of it all is that the show doesn't air on TV until May 11th, but it's available online right now! There is no catch, no signing up, no logging in to a Showtime account -- nothing! Well, actually, you need to sign over rights to your soul input your birthday and be over 18 to watch, but that's it! I just finished watching it and it was pretty damn interesting! Penny Dreadful reimagines the origins of classic horror stories and monsters . . . I won't go into any further detail than that, just to avoid spoilers. You should definitely check it out if you're a fan of the horror genre, though! I definitely got a couple of good jumps in while watching! Also, you can't go wrong when the cast includes Eva Green, Josh Hartnett, and Rose Tyler Doctor Who alumn, Billie Piper -- who was missing in this episode, but that's fine since it didn't finish introducing the rest of the cast either (really though, it's just one other guy, I think). I feel like the show knew my geeky little heart would be sad that Piper was missing and as an "I'm sorry," it gave me Josh Hartnett's butt! Who has been aging REALLY well, by the way! He doesn't look like a sickly, coked-up little twink anymore... Check Penny Dreadful out now at: http://www.sho.com/sho/video/titles/29713/penny-dreadful-series-premiere

Music Monday: Soko

Did you see that strangers-first-kiss video that went viral a few weeks ago? It was appropriately titled "First Kiss." Turns out the whole thing was commissioned by a small clothing label as a video showcase for their newest styles. The song used in the video was my introduction to Soko. She's a French singer/actor who even appears in the video. (She's the shorter of the two girl-on-girl kissers.) Her voice brings to mind a more focused CocoRosie, or maybe a Julia Stone with more hurt imbued in her inflections. Soothing, but most certainly emotional. Especially in the song "Treat Your Woman Right."  If you're having a particularly emotional day today, don't listen to it. TEARS. At any rate, here's "We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow": Buy the album.


To see that viral video, watch it after the jump.

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Just Say No: ComiXology

Comic book web service and mobile app Comixology was just purchased by Amazon a few weeks ago. As such, in-app purchases on all mobile devices – both iOS & Android – are now disabled. Purchases must be made via the website, much like Amazon's Kindle eBook service. In an effort to consume as much profit as possible, Amazon has essentially rendered one of the key user-friendly services dead. In-App purchasing is, at this point, ubiquitous to the mobile and tablet experience. Yes, Apple and Google essentially act as gatekeepers by requiring a 30% cut of all sales made in their respective app stores, but you'd be a fool to think that the act of hosting and transacting multiple terabytes (hell, maybe even petabytes, maybe more, who knows?) of data is an inexpensive operation. ANYWAY. Alternatives to ComiXology forthwith! I can no longer in good conscience recommend using their services anymore. The cardinal rule of the internet is DON'T FUCK IT UP. Taking functionality away is, in fact, fucking it up.


iBooks ibookstore Yep, iBooks. Apple's native eBook service (it doesn't come preinstalled on devices, but the download is free) started hosting comic books a couple of years ago. The interface is still pretty clunky, as there is no discernible grouping feature either in the iBookstore or in the library. That means each issue resides as its own icon. Visually space-saving, it is not. Also, guided-view is nowhere to be found here. You'll be pinching & zooming through your reading experience. But, given that iOS 8 is around the corner, Amazon may have just handed Apple the kick in the ass they needed to make their comic book functionality user-friendly. (Pro-tip: relocate Comic Books to the Newstand App. It could use an injection of younger & nerdier readers.) ...and that's about it, as far as iOS devices go. Until some other third-party apps can wrangle licenses to sell digital comics, iBooks is the (unfortunate) option.


However, this gives everyone a great reason to buy local! Find a comic book shop and start giving them all of your comic book business, at least until digital convenience returns. For help finding a local comic shop, use Comic Shop Locator! Click the image below to go to their website. Free Comic Book day is right around the corner as well, taking place next Saturday – and every year on the first Saturday in May. It's a great time to scope out a nearby shop, grab some swag and start making your hard-copy purchases. Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 3.17.58 PM

Saturday Songbreak: Mapei

I just discovered this song, and it is pretty fucking great. Her name is Mapei. She's American-born and Sweden-based. She even lived with Lykke Li at one point! I'm kicking myself for only just finding about her.


Video Social Networking = Good For Nudity

Isn't it grand how the proliferation of video social media has captured spontaneous nudity for the ages?

How To Win At Cosplay

If you want to be remembered for your costume when going to a con, you have to be one of the following: picture-perfect, tragically awful or hilarious. In my experience, the funniest costumes make for the best memories. Especially when you do something like this:
©David "DTJAAAAM" Ngo
Props to the cosplayer for combining the feminine element of ballet tutu with the machismo of Master Chief. (And double props for that body.)

Gear Up at Jockstrap Central

gear-up-saleThe goodly fellows over at Jockstrap Central are having a sale, site-wide! It started yesterday, so get on over there and grab a few deals on skivvies. Everything is included, including the new Locker Jocks from Cellblock 13 and certain Nasty Pig items have been marked down even further!

For the next three days, get 15% off everything store wide at Jockstrap Central with their Gear Up Sale. These store wide sales don't happen often so be sure to shop early to take advantage of it.

How do I do it? It's easy, simply visit Jockstrap Central and browse their over 300 products to find them all listed with the regular price crossed off and the new 15% off sale price displayed. Jockstraps, jock briefs, wrestling singlets, shorts, underwear and even socks are all on sale.

Just remember, do your shopping before the sale ends on Sunday, April 27th.