Music Monday: Mr. Little Jeans

Grab your Pocketknife! Mr. Little Jeans - Norwegian singer Monica Birkenes in real life - blipped onto my radar a little over two years ago. They (she)  released a cover of Arcade Fire's title track from the album Suburbs. It is included on this album and while it may seem like she's trying to build a career on that one cover, after giving the album a listen, I can assure you she's not.  If you liked Mazzy Star, Chungking or Azure Ray when you were younger, I have a sneaking suspicion you'll like Mr. Little Jeans. Pleasantly soft & affected female vocals overlaid on electronic beats. It's the kind of stuff that shows up on indie movie soundtracks, and quite frankly there's not a damn thing wrong with that. She has acute pop sensibilities that seem to come standard with many of the Nordic musical exports. Swedes Lyyke Li & Robyn have been pop chart darlings for years (Robyn for far longer) and Nü-Folk sister duo First Aid Kit is one of my favorite bands of all time despite only having two albums under their collective belt. Mr. Little Jeans' debut album has been a long time coming, but it is here now, and ready for all to enjoy. iTunes - Pocketknife Amazon - Pocketknife    

drunkgrindr: bck n actn

It has been a hot damn minute since the hilarious dynamic duo known as @drunkgrindr have released a video! If you're not familiar with them, fix yourself. The guys operate a YouTube channel and a Twitter feed. Check both of those out. But first, watch their newest video, the first Sexcellent video for 2014! (It's a segment dedicated to recognizing the current hotness goings on via Twitter.) After the break, watch guest appearances on their show by Bryan Cole, Bravo Delta & The Maverick Men. Continue reading drunkgrindr: bck n actn

Spring Trailergasm 2014!

It is a great time to be a sci-fi geek! There are so many incredible-looking movies coming soon and we just can't wait! Take a look at these thirteen that are just pining to suck the life out of our wallets! Captain America: The Winter Soldier First up, we have next Friday's Captain America sequel! The rise of Bucky, the fall of Nick Fury, the introduction of The Falcon! And, oh, Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow playing the Cap's personal matchmaker... o_O The Signal To tell you the truth, I hadn't heard anything about this movie until Harvey mentioned it. What the hell is happening to Nick? What's his condition? What's the signal? Why isn't Morpheus offering me pills?! The Signal kind of seems to pull elements from District 9, Chronicle, and Contagion, and wraps it with a neat little black bow on its head. It looks promising and I can't wait to see it! Maleficent There's not much else to say here that hasn't already been said, but can you tell we're just dying to see this?! This new trailer isn't helping any! Now we've learned the titular iconic Disney villain was in fact victimized by man and had her wings stolen! The scandal! The outrage! RELEASE THE KRAKEN DRAGON! Only Lovers Left Alive The second movie I hadn't heard of until Boss Walker brought it up! We've been inundated with vampires, we all know this already, but who cares when there's NAKED TOM HIDDLESTON in the trailer?! Continue reading Spring Trailergasm 2014!

Weekly Pull List – 3.26.14

I'm still so happy that Scott Snyder's The Wake is back. Though the chances are slim, I can see this story being adapted into some kind of big screen opus. Especially when the scope and quality of original genre movies already in the pipeline is considered. And of course Tomb Raider continuing under the steady hand of Gail Simone has me intrigued.


The Wake #7 of 10 The driving force of The Wake is the mysterious story. It's not quite character-driven. While two very apt and capable women are the leads in this serial, the real mystery lies within figuring out just exactly what the mer-creatures are, how long they've been around, and what they're ultimately capable of. It seems they've successfully conquered the seas for themselves, raised the ocean levels (by melting the ice caps) so as to redraw the borders of all lands on Earth, and as we saw in the last issue, are capable of growing much much larger than their previously-seen size. Of course I want to know how this new government of the Americas has come to be after the catastrophic redistricting of ocean boundaries, but I keep finding myself wondering more and more about the creatures of the deep.



Catwoman #29 Selina Kyle has seen her fair share of adventures during her tenure as Catwoman in this New 52 universe. She's fought against the Joker, a villain called The Joker's Daughter, she's fought a demon who was trapped in an ancient artifact, she's seen the impossible underworlds of Gotham that exist deep within the crust itself, and she's none to fond of Oswold Cobblepot – the penguin himself. But she's about to face a challenge that might prove to be right within her wheelhouse, or possibly the most dangerous mission yet: infiltrating Gotham's high society. Keep in mind that people with money will do anything to keep that money, and people in Gotham are more ruthless than people anywhere else. She's lucky she hasn't wasted any of her nine lives yet.



Tomb Raider #2

Lara is on the run for her life, and it's all because of that damned island - again! Something seems to have followed her and the other few survivors back to the mainland, and from the last issue, it seemed as if it had already claimed Jonah. I don't think, surely, that he's really truly gone, but we'll see. There's just Reyes and Sam left to find, and Lara's hot on their trail, hoping to find them before the cursed weather does.

The Grand Bioshock Finale: Burial At Sea, Episode 2

Ken Levine's grand series is coming to a *ahem* finite close today with the release of the final episode of BioShock: Infinite downloadable content "Burial At Sea." There are only two main entries to the series in my mind; Bioshock and Bioshock: Infinite. I know a great many folk who played Bioshock 2 and liked it. But, the world of Rapture was never meant to be the primary focus of the series, and once you've seen the end of Infinite, you'll know quite exactly what I mean. A few weeks ago, on the premiere of the "Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey" reboot, Neil Degrasse Tyson touched on multiverse theory. While multiverse and parallel universes (as we've come to know them in pop culture) are not synonymous, the ending of Infinite certainly makes one think about alternate realities in all their many possible forms. Could there in fact be alternate versions of ourselves somewhere out there? Or scratch the "out there" concept; could there be versions of ourselves somewhere around here? If you haven't played the Bioshock series, and any part of what I've discussed already piques your interest, I highly suggest you do play at least the first Bioshock and Bioshock: Infinite. "Burial at Sea" is an attempt to connect Elizabeth from Infinite to a version of Rapture before the catastrophes that eventually overtook and destroyed the version we know from the first game. Does this all sound a bit confusing? I swear it's really not, but it does require a sharp eye to catch all the details. This extended clip shows us what I presume to be the first moments of the episode. I have a few thoughts on the matter that I'll relegate to be continued after the jump. Continue reading The Grand Bioshock Finale: Burial At Sea, Episode 2

Music Monday: Lykke Li

Another song from Lykke Li's forthcoming album, her third, has a been released and it's every bit as good as any of her others. Just a few weeks ago, I highlighted the lead single, Love Me Like I'm Not Made of Stone, and she's already jamming out with a new one. The official video hasn't been released yet, but her official lyric video is available. Take a listen & get a jump on the words: Good right? I srsly can't wait for this album.  

Maleficent Flies!

It seems that Disney's Maleficent is exploring the title character's past quite a bit, because in this teaser, we see that since she is indeed a dark fairy, she had wings even prior to her eventual dragon forme. And they're fucking awesome wings. I mean... watch. (And watch it in HD.)

Another Awesome Trailer for a Justice League Game I’ll Never Play

WB is so dead-set on never expanding their games to the Mac platform, that I've missed out on a couple of games featuring the Justice League characters over the past few years. Not to mention, I just plain don't have an interest in PC gaming. I'm a console guy, through and through. (Titanfall is my latest guilty pleasure.) So, if Batman & Co. ever find themselves in a console MOBA, I'll join them. If Elder Scrolls is doing it, there's no reason Earth's Mightiest Heroes can't. At any rate, the one thing that all of these games have in common are awesome trailers. I can only guess that the animators working on these trailers are like kids in a candy store, getting the chance to bring to life their favorite characters in epic battles with little-to-no restrictions. I mean, when you're making a cinematic trailer for a game, you don't have to recreate gameplay situations. Hell, sometimes you can even create scenarios in your trailer which are impossible within the game itself. That is clearly the shadier route to go, but as the animator, I'm sure it's fulfilling - despite the fanboy blueballs that may be caused. So, here, again, is a trailer for Infinite Crisis, the latest in a continual stream of DC multiplayer games: tumblr_n2hfxqqagn1qimi3zo1_500tumblr_n2hfxqqagn1qimi3zo3_1280tumblr_n2hfxqqagn1qimi3zo2_500

Zach McGowan, Naked Again!

Looking like the muddy full-frontal'd Khal Drogo we all wished we'd seen on GoT, meet Captain Wang Vane! The last time we saw Zach McGowan he was flaunting his rather large-while-flaccid cock at us in Showtime's 'Shameless'. He's now over at the Starz network, starring in a show about pirates – heh heh butt pirates heh heh – called 'Black Sails' and guess what? His wang is flopping around again! And his character is called Captain Vane. Hashtag #VANEWANG! I very much like this trend, and I hope we see more period-set hyper-macho drama shows with all kinds of wang. I think it's quite possible we'll be seeing more of Zach as Captain Vane because Starz was the home of 'Spartacus', another show that didn't shy away from showing the peen.
  For mobile users, here's the same trailer in non-Flash form: KEEP IT UP, ZACH!

Nasty Pig or Super Pig?

Nasty Pig, the New York-based sexy street clothes wünderbrand, just released a new line of tops this week, and I couldn't help but notice a similarity between the styles and the original Boy Wonder-cum-Nightwing. Though his modern Nightwing garb is black and red, Dick Grayson's most famous outfit after his stint as Robin was black & blue just like these tees & sleeveless hoodies.

Nightwing by artist Christopher Jones:


Nightwing by artist Jean Sinclair, colors by Kandoken:


  And here's a few of the Nasty Pig Designs, presented in gallery form - click to enlarge: I know that Dick's costume didn't directly inspire the new duds because Nasty Pig is fond of using blacks & blues in their designs. But the similarity is close enough for me or you to feel like a superhero when wearing them. Go check out these tops, plus a load of other sexy underwear offerings in their online store.