Q & A with Rogan Richards

If you're a long-time reader of #nerdjizz, you'll remember this Rogan Richards feature from a while back. Rogan is an insanely muscular human who also happens to be a very serious nerd. A while back he attempted to record a Q&A session for a website, but long story short, the files never manifested and so he recorded his own version (with the help of a Wampa doing some screen moderating.) If you're interested in finding out more about Rogan, look no further! This is a bit of a long interview, clocking in at 40+ minutes, but it's an interesting listen.

Weekly Wednesday Pull List – 2/26

I know I'm posting this a day late, but if you haven't already made your comic selections this week, consider adding these to your intake: The Wake #6 of 10 tumblr_mw74mc9pja1qg8i80o1_1280 The Wake is a series created by Scott Snyder - of American Vampire & Batman notoriety - for the Vertigo imprint. It's a water-based creature miniseries that looks at the discovery of an undersea quasi-anthropomorphic race of creatures and the subsequent effects their discovery has on humans. Issues 1-5 were released last fall, focusing largely on the modern-day storyline. The series is back with part two focusing on life 200 years in the future. Featuring some great art by Sean Murphy, I highly recommend you check this issue out. The divide in timelines makes this a great opportunity to jump in, and catch up on 1-5 later. Tomb Raider #1 tomb-raider-01-2014-dark-horse-comics Gail Simone is spearheading Lara Croft's storyline between official games in this new monthly from Dark Horse. The theme and title of the issue – "Survivor's Guilt" – is kind of Gail's wheelhouse. What she sets in motion in issue 1 is a story that directly ties to the island of Yamati from the rebooted game. The survivors wish desperately to leave the memories of the island behind, but the loss of their friends and a new supernatural element will not let that happen anytime soon. [Editorial note: Gail Simone is not just a great read in comic literature, but also on Twitter. Check her out.] Harley Quinn #3 harley3 Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti are doing a great job at establishing Harley in a standalone series. Whereas in the past she's been a companion to either the Joker or her teammates on the Suicide Squad, she's now lurching forward into an independent life. Last month's issue saw a visit from her best friend (and I hope eventual love interest Poison Ivy) who helped her turn a vacant floor in her new building into a puppy oasis. The series seems to be doing a good job at mixing cute kitsch & psychosis very well. Harley has a lot of crazy love to give, and sometimes her love just manifests itself with an axe to the head. It's a fun journey.

Weekly Pull List – 2.12.14

The New 52, born out of The Flashpoint Event, hasn't exactly been loved by the masses, but I for one rather enjoy the current Bat-family. Sure, the practicality of it all isn't quite up to snuff – long story short, in this current generation, Bruce has only been Batman for about 5 years, and somehow he's still managed to cycle through all of the Robins? One Robin per year, I guess?  – but nonetheless, the storytelling until recently has been about the now, and not the past. The Zero Year arcs have attempted to bridge those gaps slightly, but it's still rough at best. Right now, the current major event that's happening across most books, Forever Evil, is apparently going to have even more repercussions for all of the DC heroes. Batman #28 3638215-img_1725 Originally, issue #28 was going to wrap up the Zero Year arc from the Batman book. A switcheroo was pulled though, and #28 became a preview book for a new weekly series that will be launching soon entitled Batman Eternal. Things are about to get even grittier, again. Scott Snyder tweeted this teaser on Twitter back in December: Pictured is Harper Row in her coming role as Bluebird.  The most recent Robin, Damian Wayne, was murdered at the command of his own mother, Talia al Ghul, and Bruce has been a little unhinged ever since and reluctant to replace him. Since the issue is a preview of what's to come though, it would appear he's ready to move and and Harper will be filling the Robin role. Oh, and all you Stephanie Brown fans? Read this issue. Batgirl #28 Batgirl_Vol_4-28_Cover-1_Teaser Babs has a new deranged villain on her tail in this issue, and to be honest, Gail Simone has created a pretty good one with Silver as he's called. He's a slight bit demented, literally viewing the Bat-family as "vampires" via hallucinations, and he sees himself as a righteous savior with his mission to destroy them. Barbara has to call in a favor from an old enemy in this issue, and she also kinda, sorta gets identified outside of her bat-suit. Simone is currently the writer on a growing handful of books, but her attention to her most successful book hasn't suffered as a result. Batgirl also makes a two-issue appearance on an unrelated matter in Simone's The Movement. Coming soon from Gail is the official Tomb Raider series that will lead into the new game. Walking Dead #121 the-walking-dead-121 Rick & Co. are in the middle of a war. If you're a fan of the show, you'll no doubt remember how the end of last season  lead up to the war between the prison & the Governor. This war is bigger & badder. Negan, the current antagonist of the series is a bad mofo, but he's a morally interesting person to read. Kirkman has done a pretty good job in creating an evil person who makes interesting unexpected choices. I mean, he's not a redeemable man by any stretch, but props to his unpredictability.

Music Monday: Liza Anne

album cover I just discovered Liza Anne via my preferred streaming music service, Rdio. Her first full-length album was just released last week and it sounds so polished, it's surprising she doesn't already have 2 or 3 under her belt. Yes, this is a singer/songwriter album about love, but I'll be damned if it is not done up to perfection. There are a few love-gone-sour songs on here, sure, but do not make the mistake of dismissing them just because the topic has been so terribly overdone by Taylor Swift and her ilk. Liza Anne's voice immediately invokes the likes of contemporaries like Ingrid Michaelson & Amy McDonald, but I'd contend she sounds more like a combination of Jill Andrews, Priscilla Ahn and with a dash of an airier Shara Worden. (By the way, if you haven't heard of any of those magnificent songstresses, go YouTube yourself into a music wormhole.) Certain inflections of hers also really remind me of a local artist I heard years ago named Erin Manning, albeit to a much lesser degree. What I'm getting at is that Liza's voice is a sweet, sweet instrument and I expect her to show up on the soundtrack of an episode of one of Shonda Rhymes' shows at some point in the future. Make no mistake though, she's not just a pretty voice. Her songwriting is also something to be admired. "The Colder Months", the title track, is the song where Liza flexes her music muscles. It's full of restrained angst, a sparse yet driving drum beat, and some nice guitar reverb to set the mood. It's also the track where her Shara Worden-lite vocality really shines through. Here's a small YouTube sampling of Liza: The Colder Months - Official Video http://youtu.be/P1vAywm7Mcg "Wrecking Ball" - A Miley Cover "Come On Back" - An original, with backup singers Click photo below to view album in iTunes.