Defending The Right To Twerk For America

Here's a soldier in the USMC showing off for a fellow recruit either post- or pre-shower. They should've replaced Miley's VMA performance with this patriotic piece, in my humble opinion. Original post from youtube here:

Niall’s Bum

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a listener of One Direction's music. I think I can maybe recall out about 3 or 4 of their songs, and I'd probably be able to pick out more from a lineup, but I definitely couldn't give you a run down on lyrics. I'm not trying to qualify myself as some kind of music snob, by any means. I just don't happen to listen to pure pop music on a regular basis. That being said, I think the boys from that band are fucking adorable. And recently on League of Their Own, a show hosted by British comedian James Corden (Doctor Who fans will know him as Craig Owens, father of Stormageddon) planted a temporary tattoo square onto Niall Horton's (the blonde one with braces) peachy little arse. There was also a cute little smooch between James and One Direction's Best Head Of Hair, Harry Styles.

The Red Ranger Rumor

Austin St. John, 1992/1993
Three years have passed since I originally posted this and the rumor that former red Power Ranger, Jason (Austin St. John), is Sean Cody's "Brock" is still running strong! Let's get real though: it's still NOT him. Many of us were sucked into the rumor, rekindling long-forgotten dirty fantasies as the SC model bore that uncanny resemblance to the early-90's superhero. I admit even I was convinced they were the same person at one point. It wasn't until St. John made another appearance in one of the later incarnations of the Power Rangers that the rumor started to fall apart.
Sean Cody's "Brock"
Then, in 2010, something brilliant happened. St. John made an appearance at Power Morphicon, a convention dedicated to the show (coincidentally, the series is now celebrating its 20th anniversary). He gave a one-on-one interview with a fan and the first thing you notice is that the former Ranger and the ripped SC model look NOTHING alike. Austin went on to reveal he's now a firefighter AND he directly addresses the "Brock" rumors. Clearing the rumor once and for all: it's not him.