Guys in Sweatpants: Previewing Chad Hunter

Guys In Sweatpants will be launching very soon (see the banner to your left) and as such, I thought I would provide you with a little taste of what you can look forward to next week. I'll be releasing a model preview each day leading up to the site going live, starting today with a man I featured here not long ago at all, Mr. Chad Hunter. First up, the video I posted nearly two weeks ago that originated on Chad's Tumblr page.
Next, a look at some promotional images that will surely win you over as you admire the man's hint-of-ginger locks, flushed sex face and quite hefty wangus. Chad's official bio:

Chad Hunter

22 years old

5’ 10” | 145 pounds | 7 inches, cut


I’m German, Irish, Italian, and Portuguese. My hobbies include reading, writing, photography/videography, working out, playing video games, and surfing the web (oftentimes viewing porn). When I have free time I like to dabble in mixing drinks (and I can legally serve you one at any bar in the state of Washington). I like learning new things and skills (I’ve been into cross fit lately.) Although I'm usually kind of quiet at first, most of the people who know me say I'm pretty outspoken and social. I like trying new things and expanding my horizons. You can talk to me anytime on Twitter.

So, you're totally a fan now, right? Thought so. Guys In Sweatpants' membership site launches next Thursday, Feb. 7th. Bookmark it! (And while you wait, peruse the already existing large collection of user-submitted photos.)

Dave Franco’s First Time

Dave Franco popped his late night talk show cherry with Conan last week, and the results were priceless. I can't single out a certain moment as being more worthy than any other, because Dave is just so goddamned adorable in this entire interview. He's particularly funny when it comes time to pitch his appearance in the upcoming movie Warm Bodies, though. Watch the interview below, in two parts.
For more Conan, go to Team Coco!

Look Around You: Calcium

All-Star Celebrity Bowling: Workaholics v. Nerdist

Chris Hardwick is literally a one-man team in the latest episode of All-Star Celebrity Bowling.

Guise… srsly…

I mean, srsly guise... IMG_1201 guise... IMG_1214 srsly... IMG_1314 srsly guise... IMG_1396 srsly guise srsly... IMG_1428 Go log in and watch this RITE NAO. SRSLY.

Sneak Pique: Levi Karter

Here's a new model who is sure to pique your interest: Levi Karter. IMG_9938 His first scene is coming soon to Cocky Boys, so go log in and wait patiently for his arrival. (Trust me, there's plenty to keep you busy until he, ahem, comes.) Click the gallery below to enlarge the images. Scroll right and left with your arrow keys if you so feel like doing so. He's got a killer body somewhere in the range of mama bear's porridge – not too big, not too small – because it's just right. He's also got some smoldering dark features and lips that rival even Jesse Santana's. Yeah. That good. Hide your husbands.

One To Watch: Chad Hunter

I'll freely admit that I know very little about this gay porn n00b, but I'm very interested to see where he ends up this year. I know he will be featured on Austin & Anthony's Guys In Sweatpants hardcore launch coming up this year. I also know he recently passed the thousand follower threshold on Twitter. How do I know that? Because he was kind enough to post a link to his (new and growing) Tumblr account. The video involves him, a Fleshjack Ice and naughty self-touching. Enjoy. (Oh, and did I mention he has a Batman tattoo? Because he has a Batman tattoo. #nerdjizz)
Chad on Twitter. Chad on Tumblr.