The Best of 2012: Bryan Cole’s Breakout Year

Despite popular belief – especially amongst countless twinks who believe adding "XXX" after a Twitter handle will get them noticed – there aren't many working porn models today who have successfully made the jump from social media exhibition to starring in le sexeh films. Fortunately, Bryan Cole is one who has made that leap with ease.
I took notice of Bryan earlier this year when he was @aknastypig. The name drew from his hometown of Akron and his love of the Nasty Pig brand/lifestyle. Often, he'd post photos of himself showing off his latest NP jock, or flashing his boner at his office desk. Naturally, such images were retweeted frequently and his follower base began to grow, especially garnering notice from a few key players in the gay porn industry.
The most alluring thing about Bryan initially was his love of exhibition via social media, and complete lack of inhibition in the bedroom. He would recount his exploits with candor and his followers ate every detail up. Before transitioning from homemade porn to studio work, he did some erotic "advertising" work for Fort Troff. They have a great selection of kink gear, and even better they provide demo videos of guys showing you how to use the products before you buy! Genius marketing.
He's made efforts to upload his own personal videos (which is where the majority of the ones you see in this post come from) to an XTube page. I had to take the liberty to re-upload them to my own servers because XTube might be the last bastion of the digital pornosphere who refuses to embrace HTML5. That's a bunch of nerdspeak to say that their videos will not play on all modern internet accessible devices. It's also nice to see a porn model still able to share his goods. Many execs in the industry aren't a fan of models giving their fans free material, because "why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free", but they fail to realize that videos like these can essentially operate like calling cards, enticing the viewer to search for more.
Considering Bryan's broad introduction to folks in the industry was just in May during Grabby/IML weekend, he's built quite a body of work in the latter half of 2012. Working for BoundJocks, Men On Edge, Kink Men, Next Door Studios (everyone makes mistakes), Lucas Entertainment, GayRoom, amongst others, including the upcoming Guys In Sweatpants. Say what you will about model over-saturation, but Bryan is one guy that I can't get tired of. His genuine joie de sexe and puppy dog face gets me every time.
In fact, before I leave you with the mega-gallery of Bryan's shots from his Twitter feed, take one more look at this video I posted months ago, involving his dirty dealings in his local gym's locker room.
  The boy you see him kissing and nuzzling in some of the photos below is fellow porn model and current boyfriend, Duncan Black. Follow Bryan on Twitter! Watch Bryan on XTube!

SNEAK PIQUE – Into The Woods: The Haunting Part II

Guise! Here's a little sneak peek at "Into The Woods" the continuation of Jake Jaxson's "The Haunting" being released tomorrow. You guys no doubt remember how much I liked Part I, so I'm excited to be able to give you an early taste of what's to come in the sequel. Members, go here for early access to the title.

The Dark Knight Legend Exhibit at LA Live

Ok guys, I think I've regained consciousness enough to post these pics! Over the weekend, we here at Casa de Roman found out about The Dark Knight Legend Exhibit at LA Live. Unfortunately, had we known in advance, we'd have gone sooner. The earliest we could go was today. The exhibit ends this Friday (12/14/2012) so there's still time to go! Admission is free and parking is literally right under the exhibit area (parking probably won't be more than $5)! There's a ton of great fan art, a life-size Catwoman made out of Legos, costumes from all three of the Nolan trilogy (MAN, Maggie Gyllenhaal is a stick of a thing! And I'm taller than Christian Bale and Tom Hardy - squee!), several Batmobiles, two tumblers and even the Bat-pod! A good chunk of these pictures are utter crap, I apologize for that, but I was just SO incredibly excited and armed only with my iPod Touch! I'm still all giddy! Check out my pics (and a video of the exhibit I found on YouTube) after the cut! Continue reading The Dark Knight Legend Exhibit at LA Live

Music Monday: Ivan & Alyosha – Running For Cover

Ivan & Alyosha, my favorite northwestern songwriting crooners are gearing up for the February release of their first full-length, honest-to-god album. To say that I'm excited would be a slight understatement. My introduction to these guys was via their second EP, Fathers Be Kind, and I was instantly hooked. Wonderfully played guitar rhythms and expertly arranged harmonies are exactly the kind of thing that give me a musical nerd boner, and these guys dole both out in spades. Their first single was released today on iTunes, a live performance of which can be seen below. Here's a test: press play and then don't watch. Why? Because it's a live performance. I want you to listen to how good it is. It's damn near studio quality. These guys don't just make pretty songs for their records, they're more than capable of reenacting note for note each perfect melody. Now that you know how great the song is, support the arts and the spirit of the up-and-coming band by purchasing the song here.