Jake Jaxson’s The Haunting

I've realized something lately: my media consumption is reaching the point wherein I'm very much able to recognize what I find "good", but I've stopped taking the time to analyze the why of it all. I've stopped the critical thinking and expository thinking that are key for writing reviews. Considering a partial point of this site when I envisioned it some time ago was to not only expose my readership to things I find pertinent and interesting, but also to explain why I find things pertinent and interesting, I have to say I feel a little shame for not taking the time to hone those skills. Concerning Jake Jaxson's The Haunting, I can say I have a few words to share, and that makes me happy. I watch this mini-feature and I'm absolutely delighted. To a broader point, nearly all of the productions that Cockyboys have been handing out lately have left me delighted. I call The Haunting in particular a mini-feature and not a scene because we're not just watching a flourescently-lighted and single location staged sex scene padded on the front and back ends by some cheesy b-roll. No, what we're seeing here is a well crafted piece of themed erotic filmmaking that ventures neither into pretentiousness or camp. In someone else's hands it could've easily slid into either, or both.   Continue reading Jake Jaxson’s The Haunting