Music Monday: Ben Folds Five (FEATURING FRAGGLES!)

My personal nerdlord and savior, Chris Hardwick directed this fantastic music video for Ben Folds Five. The great thing about Nerdist Industries these days is the numerous partnerships they have with companies like Henson Entertainment, lending the opportunity for Fraggles to just show up in unexpected places. Stay tuned to the very end for a very special ditty.

They’ve Got 2UP

I think this might be my favorite Mario & Luigi image ever. [Source: Randy/Toons]

Doctor Who: P.S. – An Amy and Rory Epilogue

Some of us are still reeling from the kinda confusing conclusion to Amy and Rory's depressing departure from Doctor Who. I know I still am. But the one question that immediately went to my mind (as well as the majority of fans') during the last episode was: what about Rory's dad, Brian? Well, seems there WAS a scene in the script to conclude Brian's story but, unfortunately, it was never shot! Thankfully, the BBC has decided to release the scene (written by Chris Chibnall, creator of Brian) in storyboard form. They even brought Arthur Darvill back to voice Rory! Grab your Centurion Rory plushies (or this one) and squeeze 'em tight, nerds! This scene is a tear-jerker!