Nasty Pig Updates Website

One of my favorite brands, Nasty Pig, recently revamped their website. The focus is now on the products, with large photo showcases and item descriptions. Go check it out, and buy a jockstrap or two while you're at it. Continue reading Nasty Pig Updates Website

Post-Grabbys Photodrop

Grabbys was so fun that I forgot to take as many photos as everyone else. Nonetheless, I snapped a few worth sharing. Use the arrow keys to navigate.

Coming Soon…

Freeballing in the OC with the VPL

Okay, so I actually have no idea if this guy is in the OC. I have no idea where he is. I do know I'd like to be people watching wherever his frequent haunts are so I could see some of that VPL (visible penis line) action in real life. From our peers at The Banana Blog.

Cocky Memorial Day Celebrations

Over the weekend while a sizable chunk of the porn world was in Chicago for Grabby/IML weekend, Jake Jaxson rounded up his top CockyBoys and hit up the New York countryside for some fun by the pool. I snagged these snaps from Jake Jaxson's Instagram feed, which you should be following. Search @jakejaxson on Instagram.

Sexy monkey Jake Bass is joined by adorable Max Ryder and legendary Pierre Fitch.

Max & Pierre

I don't know if you've noticed this, but since the CockyBoys renaissance, the new models have been absolute chemistry maestros. The bromance between Tommy Defendi and former CockyBoy Mason Star months ago was so sweet I got diabetes. Now, the torch has been passed to porn legend Pierre Fitch and n00b Max Ryder. (And to a lesser extent, Jake Bass in some spectacular three-way flirting, but more on that tomorrow.) These guys are going live in a few minutes, and you still have time to sign up and watch them DO THE NASTY. So do it. Click here to sign up. CockyBoys has the hottest models and sexiest scenes. Go watch now!