Comedic Nerdist Musical Bowling All-Star Celebritiness!

My own personal Jesus hero, Chris Hardwick, launched the latest arm of his ever expanding media empire recently with the Nerdist Channel, and one of my favorite programs is All-Star Celebrity Bowling. The episode I've been most looking forward to is this one: the Musical Comedian episode! Featuring the likes of: Riki Lindhome & Kate Micucci (Garfunkel & Oates)! Bo Burnam! Reggie Watts! Nick Thune! Chris Hardwick & Mike Phirman (Hard & Phirm)! Enjoy it below. Afterward, follow the link and subscribe to the Nerdist Channel. It's good shit. The Nerdist Channel!

Music Monday: Jewelry Polka

The second episode of this latest season of South Park is called "Cash For Gold" and it's really quite good. One of my favorite scenes in the episode, which I've included below, includes one of Trey & Matt's best musical compositions - and they have quite a few great musical compositions - and it's an a cappella gibberish piece! I had to do a little work to extract the audio, but here it is:

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Andrew Christian inches ever closer to making porn

The video production team over at Andrew Christian has been flirting with and teasing full-fledged frontals in their videos for a while, and they've finally added some wang chung to their latest "promotional" piece. Starring a few members of the Randy Blue roster – who, oddly enough, are the ones that show the least wang – this latest AC underwear "commercial" plays out one of my favorite fantasies: locker room hazing.
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Doctor Who’s Jeff “The Pretty One”

Remember Matt Smith's first episode as the Doctor (aka Doctor Who, s05e01; "The Eleventh Hour")? There was a guy who the Doctor referred to as "the pretty one" after telling Amy he needed a laptop, providing a deliciously awkward moment with her then-boyfriend, Rory.
The Doctor meets Jeff
Well, it would appear "Jeff" is also on the BBC/Syfy series, Merlin. And the actor's name is Tom Hopper. And after just wanting to know his name, this is what google surprised me with after finding out: The pretty one, indeed! Tom Hopper, I am a fan!

The Popsicle

Did you hear the one about the two porn stars and a popsicle?
Source: Next Door/Austin Wilde

Pony Up!

Tony Buff's latest directorial feature is here, and you need it. Trust. Featuring some of my favorite fetish players in the industry, this feature is going to get your rocks off and make you squirm with delight!

Magic Mike Is Taking Off His Pants

The trailer for Magic Mike is finally here. There apparently will only be one peen shot in the movie - a la Boogie Nights' prosthetic movie magic - but hey, with as many writhing six-packed torsos and obscured ass shots as we'll most likely be getting, I'll take it. The movie is loosely based on Channing Tatum's own past. Keyword: loosely.

Doctor Who goes Dubsteppin’

Any of you out there sort of pseudo-fans of dubstep? For me, personally, there's certainly such a thing as too much dubstep. You will never find a Skrillex song in my iTunes library. However, being the massive fan of Doctor Who that I am, I have to admit I'm digging this tastefully-done mix of the newest DW theme, "I Am The Doctor." Makes me wonder if 'Song of Freedom' from the fourth series has been properly dubstepped yet...