Mario Lopez’s Uncut Cock… being covered by his new line of men's underwear, labeled Rated M. Extra featured an extended 4-minute behind the scenes look on their website, and it's full of fantastic bulging images of Mario. For the record, he is uncut. Continue reading Mario Lopez’s Uncut Cock…

Prometheus: Is It or Isn’t It?

Depending on who you ask, you're going to end up getting a different answer. The question generally remains the same, though...

Is Ridley Scott's Prometheus a prequel to the Alien movies?

I've seen this answered with a resounding NO, then a MAYBE, then (mostly from fans and "supposed" crew on the film) YES. Whatever it may or may not be, with a Prometheus viral in full effect (note Guy Pearce there), you have to admit it looks pretty damn good so far. Include a stunning cast (enter Charlize Theron and Michael Fassbender) and Scott's director cap secure on his head and we've got what promises to be a good movie. The first trailer didn't really reveal much but now there's a second international trailer. Though the question remains unanswered, you can definitely see similarities between the two and we have a SLIGHTLY better understanding of what the film's about. Will you watch?

The Walking Dead: The Game

  The Walking Dead has had an interesting effect on a few us (never-you-mind my considering a real-life zombie survival team worthy of appearing on National Geographic's Doomsday Preppers). And the show alone, come on! How great is it? Well, now the corpse-infested world of Robert Kirkman is evolving into a video game! Don't go expecting the exact same story from the comics and/or show, though. According to one of the lead designers (Sean Vanaman) on
"Well, the game is based on the comic and exists right alongside the stories of the comics. If you're going by comic timeline: Rick would be in a coma. And episode one takes place with a new set of characters all right around the greater Atlanta area, experiencing this apocalypse from a different perspective than Rick. You play a new character named Lee Everett, who is actually on his way to prison and, via the apocalypse, his cop car wrecks and he has his freedom back but, of course, now the world has gone to hell."
Though Rick's story isn't the primary story-arch, Sean goes on to say that Rick, Hershel and Glen are in the game. The site says the game will be available on XBox, PS3 and PC. Take a look at the teaser trailer and visit for more information.


Meet one deviously sexy DC villain/anti-hero by the name of Catman. That’s right, Cat-MAN! Much like Catwoman, but without the icky girly-bewbz! I will admit, not being an avid reader of comics, I never really cared to look into him until recently and…boy, do I regret that! I won’t get into details (because if I do then I’ll likely focus on the fact that he’s a ginger) but I’ll leave you with this interesting little factoid: Catman is bisexual. Oh, yes! This muscle-mass of inky man-meat may be on the market for some men!

[pause for audible "Oooh!"]

And, as if he just weren’t drawn sexy enough already, please direct your attention to some of the images below. Aside from the few where he’s completely nude (!), you’ll notice one version of his costume is simply boots, gloves, a harness/cape, obligatory utility belt, AND A SPEEDO. That’s it! God(s) bless the artists and creative minds behind that! Really. Oh, and I wouldn't be a proper creep and a perv if I didn't include the last pic. I didn’t even mean to find it, but the stuff that turns up on Google sometimes is fantastic! (All I did was search "Catman," that's all.) Continue reading Cat-MAN?