William Levy Joins Dancing with the Stars Cast

On yesterday morning's Good Morning America, "DwtS" hosts Tom Bergeron and Brooke Burke-Charvet announced the season fourteen (!) cast of the weekly ballroom dancing hit. Previous casts have continuously proved to be a bit of a let-down and a "who's that" of Hollywood but it's changed as of late though. Last season saw the inclusion of Chaz Bono, Ron Artest (don't get on my case about this, gays and sports fans!), Ricki Lake, David Arquette and the big-bootied yet intolerable Rob Kardashian. Or even the inclusion of Kirstie Alley the season before. Yesterday, however, was the first time I actually did a double-take and felt like Tom Hardy had slapped me across the face with his wiener (that's how great the surprise was, to me anyway). Among the cast announced (though not present for the reveal) was "Mexico's Brad Pitt," Cuban-American actor/model, William Levy! I truly flipped my shit, I'll be honest. The actor is the very definition of hot and just imagining him dance around with those intense hazel-green eyes, that silky voice (and I hope he has an accent!) in those tight pants they always make the men wear — Mmmm! I can't...I  have no words. So, to celebrate Levy joining the DwtS cast, here's a picture gallery from his days modeling for N2N before he became a big actor in Mexico (and appearing in that recent Jennifer Lopez video which put him on the DwtS map)! Which includes a series of thongs, jocks, speedos, boxer briefs and...oh, did I forget to mention most are sheer from the front? And let me tell you, he DOES NOT disappoint, despite being quite flaccid! He's left VERY little to the imagination, I tell you! Continue reading William Levy Joins Dancing with the Stars Cast

Jake Bass, Live!

This hotness is going live tonight! Tune in! Click either photo to watch him shake his tail feather tonight.

Retcon’d: Lovers Fucking – Ivan & Kennedy

Kennedy Carter is a bastard. And by that, I mean that he's cruel for flaunting the fact that he's happily taken by debuting his boyfriend Ivan to the world in this incredibly sensual homemade scene. Kennedy, being the sweetest being in this wide world, is of course utter husband material, and these scene only cements that fact. He also has an artistic talent that he's chosen to flesh out in this scene. While it's not necessarily a directorial debut, it's clear that Kennedy is taking the lead in this tango. Here's what Cockyboys had to say about this scene:
There is something about Kennedy that I just can't get enough of. Watching him over the last few months, and working with him, I have become a huge fan. And everyone who knows Kennedy knows that he's dating one sexy-mother-fucker--Ivan. I have always wanted to be a fly on the wall while those two suck and fuck each other. So when I saw them at one of our parties I couldn't help but ask if they would ever consider doing a scene together for Cockyboys. Ivan had never done porn, and has been asked coutless times, and he was instantly turned on when I suggested the idea. Game on!! So, we did things a little differently this time. We set up the cameras and left the room and asked them to make their own sex tape. When we got the tapes back, we were completely blown away from what we saw....like WOW! The passion, the raw intensity, the connection, the way they kissed, and looked into each others eyes while fucking each other! They were so comfortable with one another and knew exactly how to turn the other one on. That's the real stuff that cannot be faked on camera. Nor will they ever do it again. Kennedy and Ivan decided that this would be the one and only time!


You guys have heard of the Starrfucker website, yeah? It's run by Jeremy Lucido, a fantastic photographer who works for Randy Blue. Last year he began a print magazine, and since quality nudie-rags are few and far between, I encourage you to head over and buy a copy or four. The fifth issue is the next to be printed, and the fourth was only recently released so you have time to play catch up. My collection:

Ultimate Boner = My reaction to this scene.

Jesus fucking Christ, it's happened. Two of the sexiest performers I've come across (and cum as a result of) since my long journey with porn began years ago did a scene together. They're both currently exclusives with CockyBoys (smart move on that studio's part) and they whipped up this intense and sensual scene for us on their own. They were their own camera men, giving us a POV look at how sexy a Tommy/Jake pairing can be. It's also massively hot to see the small-framed Bass pound away at the larger Tommy's ass. JFC.                                   Take a look at this trailer below and tell me you don't want to jump both of them in a dark alley and have your goddamn dirty way with them! Tell me!   Continue reading Ultimate Boner = My reaction to this scene.