Midnight has been discovered!

Anyone remember the Doctor Who episode "Midnight?" Hell of a story. Very nature-of-man and dark-like. It takes place on the planet Midnight, a celestial body made entirely of diamond. A planet that requires a great deal of care to even be on considering it's proximity to it's nearest star and of course the magnification quality of diamond. (Anyone up for an incinerating vacation?) Anywho, looks like a Midnight-esque planet has been found!
The center star is a pulsar. The orbiting object is the planet believed to be made of diamond. The yellow sphere is the size of our own sun, provided as a reference.
The planet Midnight as it appears in an episode of Doctor Who, season four.

Astronomers discover planet made of diamond | Reuters.

Go Play Your Video Games

I've got a total #nerdjizz chub, and it's all thanks to a girl! Weird, right? One of my close friends turned me on to this little slice of audio/visual heaven. The song is great to be sure, but the accompanying video is one of the best I've seen in a while. It's almost like Fantasia meets pop culture highlight reel meets Nancy Sinatra video portrait meets video game cutscene compilation. I'm in. Here's Lana Del Rey with "Video Games."

#nerdjizz toon

If there ever was a #nerdjizz cartoon, I'd want this to be the style.

Hey Harvey Walker.


The Eleventh Doctor, Pixelated.

Or would that be the 11-bit Doctor? Giggity.

Matt Smith, The 11th doctor: ~IN PIXELVISION~  ... – HeroChan.

Kyle. Selina Kyle.

First leaked shot of Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle. (Many outlets have been referring to this as a Catwoman preview, but I'm not so sure that's the case, given the lack of head-gear. (High-tech goggles notwithstanding, of course.) Personally, I'm all for it. Her bouffant ponytail is a welcome throwback to the original on-screen Catwomen. Also, Kyle was a theif long before she adopted her feline persona, and from the looks of it, she's managed to jank the batcycle right out from under the Batman. Dark Knight Rises can't come soon enough!

Anne Hathaway as Catwoman | Inside Movies | EW.com.

Songbreak: Grace Potter

Grace Potter & The Nocturnals are a hell of a band. I saw them in concert many moons ago and instantly fell in love with the overall showmanship and talent. I even managed to have a decent conversation with Grace out in the lobby while waiting for an autograph. (As a matter of fact, I filtered through the line twice to really hit home a few conversational points. Thanks, beer courage.) At any rate, take a listen to this stripped down version of their song 'Things I Never Needed.' Here's the video I recorded on my iPhone of Grace & Co. performing "Joey." I dare you to not end up tapping your foot to this song. This was the first song they performed that night, and I was completely sold from that point on.

Apple’d Out

Hey Harvey Walker.

Faces of True Blood: Eric

The smirk/blood combo... shoo wee.

“We can get our freak on…

...in the bathroom at ComiCon." Johnny McGovern (Gay Pimp) is back with a brand new single, and it glorifies all things nerd! Johnny's lyrics are nothing if not fun, as you might've noticed from the lead-in. Keep an eye out for model Greg McKeon, onetime Playgirl model popping up in the video sporadically. The glasses really suit him. In the last .gif below, he's the hunk on the left, rubbing his hand down his buddy's torso. Big thanks to my friend Dan, the man behind DanNation for the heads up on this video earlier. Follow him on twitter! See more of McGovern's videos by visiting GayPimp.com. Here are some fantastic .gifs of the action by All That Heaven Allows. I think my favorite scenario is the guy playing XBox in his tighty whities. I often do the same, just without the whole "six-pack abs" thing going on.