Watersports, Anyone?

This isn't for everyone. If you're not interested in pee, just move right along. But I like Gingers. I like Gingers with long hair. I like Gingers with long hair who piss on themselves. Lucky me for running across this video:

The Hunks of True Blood Ep via SuperheroFan

The wonderful blog SuperheroFan has some great screencaps of this week's True Blood, and all of the mancandy it provided. There are tons more if you just click the link above, or any of the pictures below. The Hunks of True Blood Ep 4×04 (NSFW).


Lion is coming, Lion is coming! Stay tuned to the Mac App Store today to upgrade your Mac! I'm guessing it will be released between 8-9 a.m. PST. Just a hunch.

I Want My Pikachu Edition!

A vision.

The sound of caterpillers walking.

The Captain!

Not only is Scott Herman a great guy, friend of the gheys and self-made fitness guru, but he's also the biggest Captain America fanboy this side of the Atlantic. Peepshow Creepshow.

Joe Knows Gay Porn Contest

Hey nerds, do me a favor, wouldja? Follow the link below and vote for Austin Wilde. Joe Knows Gay Porn » Which Next Door Stud Gets A Week On The Blog?.

Geek in the Sheets


A Chapter Closes

If You Seek Matt.