World Exploration! (One Penis At A Time)

I think this might be old news to most, but I just ran across this neat little interactive map. Want to explore the world via penis size statistics? Sure you do. Dig in!

An Evening Song

Want to get seduced? Do some seducing? All while maintaining a fuck-me-harder beat? Listen to this. Jónsi's 'Tornado' remixed by Fuck Buttons. His voice mixed with an insane pulsating rhythm is enough to make anyones pants fall off. Tornado (Fuck Buttons Remix) by Jónsi My sincere thanks to a friend for turning me on to this remix via blog post by Pitchfork.

A Troop with an iPhone

Guys with iPhones.

A Star Wars XBox!

Can we call it C-36P0? I want it no matter what it's called. I haven't upgraded to the sleek, new body style of 360's purely based on my love of my solid red Resident Evil Edition 360. But this bundle could possibly be the one to persuade me to make the switch. Who wants to donate to make this a #nerdjizz reality? Maybe if I ask real nice and promise blowjobs? I mean, c'mon... a 3P0 controller!? An Artoo body and Kinect sensor!? Papa wants. Click below to read more.

Star Wars Xbox 360: Use the Force, controller-free -

Cowboys & Pokemon

I. Love. This. I especially love Chris Hardwick as Team Rocket's James. X-Play Comedy: Cowboys & Pokemon in High Definition –

Still Complaining About That Bullet, Fiddy?

Historical figures are more badass than the entertainers you give your money to.

Hey Harvey Walker.

House of XY + Austin Wilde

Avant Erotica Nerdjizz favorites House of XY teamed up with Austin Wilde recently. The photo below is from the latest in their sexually charged photographic art series titled 'Dripping.' Here's a preview of what's to come. Visit their website to view released photo sets and video. You can also see more on their Tumblr and Twitter feeds.

For more of Austin wilde, visit his website or follow him on twitter. House of XY - Check out @AustinWilde in our new series....

What Else Is There To Do?

In a public bathroom, that is. Surely the only purpose is to get naked and pleasure yourself, right? Continue reading What Else Is There To Do?

Dark Waters

This video puts me in a trance each time I play it. He knows how good he looks, and I'm sure he's a cocky sum'bitch, but dang if he don't push all the right buttons.

Ginger Break

Ronald Billius Weasley.

Continue reading Ginger Break