Batman: Arkham City Takes On Riddler

You know, I have to say, I'm a fan of the art direction for Arkham City. The only leaked costume I've been disappointed in thus far is Robin. I really didn't want him to be included in the storyline, let alone made into a recreation of the Chris O'Donnell version. Ah well. At least Riddler looks snazzy.

Batman: Arkham City’s Riddler image leaked | Gamefreaks - Videogame news, reviews and trailers.

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Kennedy Carter Turns Me On

I swear to god... fucking unf. DUDETUBE  Tumblr— @Kennedy_Carter hotness

Music Monday: Ivan & Alyosha

I'm going to be retconning this post later this week to include more information about one of my favorite new bands, Ivan & Alyosha. For now, however, I just want you to listen to what might be one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. Everything Is Burning:

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Three Dimensions Of Porn… Thanks To Nintendo?

One of the best pieces of #nerdjizz-worthy news arrived on my doorstep in my inbox this morning. To say that I'm elated with the following announcement would be an understatement – Dominic Ford has released a Nintendo 3DS-compatible page of their popular website. It is a showcase of some of Ford's best 3D images and is viewable only with the glasses-free 3D technology found on the Nintendo 3DS. The site will eventually host 3D movies as well. If you own a 3DS like I do, all you have to do is head over to to take advantage of seeing beautiful, naked men in three dimensions, without wearing glasses! Says Ford, "The Nintendo 3DS, as well as new 3D mobile devices, are exciting to us because they allow our 3D images and movies to be seen in full color and without the need for 3D glasses." As of right now there are a collection of 20 or so photos ready for your viewing pleasure. Aside from the obvious naughty factor of seeing images on a gaming device of Spencer Reed, Shane Frost or new Dominic Ford-exclusive Bryce Evans clad only in smile, the images can be saved to the Nintendo 3DS memory! I have a feeling that I'm going to need a bigger SD card. What you see there now is only a taste of what's to come. Soon, there will be an expanded photo section and as mentioned above, video will be available soon. Speaking from experience, I know it's going to be rather hard for me to hold the 3DS in that viewing 'sweet spot' while my right hand is, well, preoccupied. Nonetheless, it will be ultimately worth it. The two great loves of my life are porn and technology, and Dominic Ford has combined them perfectly. And if the 3DS isn't your cup of tea for porn consumption, Ford isn't stopping at small-screen distribution with the glasses-free modus operandi. While anaglyph (blue/red glasses) allows viewers to watch Ford's 3D content on any regular display, Ford has always seen this technology as a stepping stone. "We are glad people enjoy watching the anaglyph versions of our content. But watching the 3D TV formats on a 3D TV or via new glasses free devices like the Nintendo 3DS is eye-opening to those who have never seen our content in full color. The 3D is cinema quality." For more information, visit or click below.

Unleash The Dark Side On His Backside

You've been a very good boy Luke, and that just won't do. Promise me you'll be bad from now on. Oh, and call me Daddy.


An Ideal Tutor

I wish I'd had him coming over to help me study after school when I was younger. I would've learned a lot.  

  In My Dreams | thadsthoughts: Smart Scruff.

Through Laura’s Eyes: Grabby Night

Alright, so I know I've filled you in on much of what went on over the course of Memorial Day weekend in Chicago, but there's more! Head on over to Laura D's blog and look at the rest of these photos. Both she and the photos she took are pure gold.

Grabby’s 2011 Chicago Day #3 « Im A Fag Hag.


Need some new desktop wallpaper to add a little touch of the Doctor to your life? Look no further. I've just added the featured pattern to my MacBook and I couldn't be happier. Artist: Rosemary Travale.

Rampaged Reality, Tumblr artist Rosemary Travale created a Doctor....


Ever get the urge to get naked in a library? Well, you should. That way you can take your own version of the photo below and then send it to me.

i'm a clever boy, boys got guts.