Steven Daigle Day!

Sports Edition! It's Steven Daigle's birthday today, and as such, I'm dedicating all of the posts to him. First up, I'd like to show you a few photographs from a scene he shot for Dominic Ford with the uncut wonder himself, Gavin Waters.

Sports: Gavin Waters & Steven Daigle @ brings you hot 3D Gay Porn In this scene Gavin Waters and Steven Daigle have just finished their Sports photoshoot. Ford gave them Swiss Navy Masturbation Cream to try out. In all honesty, they had no interest in filming an infomercial, and were skeptical because when you first put it on, it's a thick white cream. But, after a minute it turns into a clear lube-like silky feeling (Steven's words). They BOTH asked if they could get a bottle to take home with them. This scene features a position that was totally unplanned, and the hottest thing we've seen in a while. Gavin starts to "reverse piledrive" Steven, and as he is doing it Steven, starts fingering Gavin's hole! It is SOOO hot Ford had to take "breaks" while editing it. HOT HOT HOT. Watch the full movie at


Listen. Folks. Here's a tip. Don't use photos that aren't of yourself on Grindr, or various other gay hookup/dating apps. Especially take care to not use photos of recognizable porn stars. Porn stars who obviously wouldn't be in the area (in this case, central Kentucky.) ...And at least be wise enough to not use the image of a gay-for-pay porn star like Marcus Mojo who would not be using a gay hookup app for personal pleasure. Because if you don't, I will call your shit out. (On a side note, at least he didn't try passing off Marcus' abs as his own, because they truly are in a league of their own.)