Wednesday Song Break: Fleet Foxes

The new Fleet Foxes album came out yesterday, and before I devote an entire #musicmonday post to it, I want to share a song with you to set the mood. Be warned, this is an 8-minute long piece, so grab your headphones and settle down for while you revel in this lengthy musical treat. After the 2-minute long intro, pay attention to minute marker 2:17. This is the kind of transition I live for, not to mention the chord progression is so invigorating it makes me want to climb mountains. The remainder veers into melancholy territory with a frantic jazz horn section juxtaposed on top of it. Great stuff.

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Tommy’s Toys – Pictures Speak Louder

Yowza, puppy want a treat? Sex accessories are fucking awesome. Porn stars in sex accessories is... sorry, we died and went to the Pearly White cum gates for a minute. When forces combine, magic happens. An amazing selection of "sexcessories" (see what we did there), plus the power of 3 amazing porn performers is like watching Copperfield fly. Our beloved provider Priape sent us some gear for a Tommy Wells photo shoot with Adam Russo, Cavin Knight, and returning champion Preston Steel. UNDERWEAR Adam sports some amazingly sexy Transparent Briefs. These latex undies give you a sexy peek at the goods inside and are available in multiple colors. Preston and Cavin scope Adam's goods in Priape jockstraps. Preston is wearing the Classic Jock and Cavin is bulging out of the incredibly sexy Laced Jock. Find these amazing underwear here: Latex Briefs - Classic Jock - Laced Jock LEATHER We love when Preston get's kinky! When you're in the mood to pig out, this mask is perfect for you. Have your fuck buddy wear this Cup Jock Mask on his crotch for the day, and you can put it on at night! Have him put his dirty jock in it while your at it. Adam is looking naughty in a Ball Gag, and Cavin's boner is bursting through a Priape English Cock-Ring. This cock-ring has an interchangeable rubber ring for your cock to slip through for that extra tight grip! Once the toys came out, we couldn't keep these studs off each other. That's what we love about introducing new toys to the experience! Find these kinky things here: Cup Jock Mask - Ball Gag - Priape English Cock-Ring And now, a special lesson from Adam Russo: If you always wanna be ready for some great sex, you gotta prep. Let's get serious for a minute - it's buttsex. 'Nuff said, right? Adam was kind enough to go through the details of how to be prepared for gettin' fucked. He used the Colt Anal Douche to explain to everyone. It's not rocket science y'all, but we don't talk about it enough. Go slow, be patient, get a deep clean. Get yours HERE. BONDAGE Lucky Cavin get's bound up with some Bondage Tape. This roll of PVC tape is rad! It only sticks to itself, so no hair pulling and no sticky residue. Bind, gag, blindfold - it does it all! Adam and Preston get Cavin nice and bound, and can't help but take a little bit of advantage. How could you not with a hot stud like Cavin? Adam is quite the thrill taker and definitely doesn't mind a little breathtaking pressure. Below he shows how Endurance Nipple Clamps enhance those adventurous moods! Adam was feeling up for a little more pull, and experimented with Twist and Suck nipple suctions. The suction of these are really strong and no hand pump is required! These are the smallest ones on the market and still accept piercings as Cavin shows below. Find it all here: Bondage Tape - Endurance Nipple Clamps - Twist and Suck Phew. We don't know about you, but we are so hard right now we can't wait to scour Priape for more toys!

We want to send a BIG thank you to Benoit at Priape for generously providing us with the toys, and of course our models - Follow up with these sexy studs on Twitter here: Adam Russo, Cavin Knight, Preston Steel.