Music Monday Double Whammy: Jeb Havens

It's not often I decide to feature two artists on one day, but by god, you're all in for a treat today! Earlier I suggested you start listening to Tyler James, and now I'd like to further broaden your easy listening horizons with an artist by the name of Jeb Havens. If you were to ask me to pinpoint a man other than myself who most closely embodies the tenants of #nerdjizz, I think that person would be Jeb. While I've never had the good fortune of meeting him (yet,) everything I know about him so far points to true #nj potential. First and foremost, Jeb has sex appeal, and he has plenty of it to spare. He's a hunky otter who has spent some time in front of the camera. From what I've seen, he's never taken it all off (it seems that unfortunately, he has a bit more class than I do) but nonetheless, he's not ashamed to show off the hard work he puts in at the gym. He's also best friends with one of my porn-y heroes: Conner Habib. That they are friends speaks well to the intelligence and character of both men. The nerd cred is strong with Jeb, to boot. He's a senior game designer at Google. I don't know about you, but that makes me at once blindingly jealous and also attracted to him. Stop living the life I want, Jeb! Stop it! But this is a #musicmonday post, after all, so I'll get on to the tune-talk. His current self-titled EP can be found on iTunes. I can say with full confidence that it is a $6 very well spent. So get it. My favorite track from the collection is "Wake Up Call." I realize I'll sound as if I'm gushing when I say the following, but I honestly stand beside it %100: "Wake Up Call" is precisely the kind of song that has the kind of versatility to be used as a soundtrack song, a lead single, or be sold to a Top 10 artist. It's that good. Truthfully, I wish I was a screenwriter just so I could begin writing a script completely built around this one song. Okay. Right. Gushing. But really. Take a listen below, and judge for yourself.

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It's not just his original music that makes him worthy of your time; in his residential San Francisco, he can often be found performing Fiona Apple songs in piano bars like Martuni's. That's precisely what he's doing in the video below. Specifically, he's performing a pared down and powerful rendition of "I Know." Not to inject too much commentary about that song, but Fiona wrote it about the situation surrounding my very first ex-boyfriend. I swear. Find Jeb on Facebook Find Jeb on Twitter Find Jeb on The Intrawebs Find Jeb on iTunes

Music Break: Bluegrass Mario Bros.

Most of you know I'm from Kentucky. (The Bluegrass State.) Most of you know I love video games. (No, really!?) With those two pieces of information in mind, you might surmise that I'm in love with this rendition of the Super Mario Bros. theme. You'd be right. Source: Buzzfeed

DJ Drop Trou

I can't tell what kind of mixing board he's rocking there in the background, but I know exactly which piece of equipment I want to play with most. I'll give you a hint: it's his dick.


It’s Time To Put Your Wii Away

Well, it looks as though Nintendo is going to be the only major gaming company to release a new system next year. And quite frankly, given the Playstation 3 fiasco, they couldn't have picked a better time to go unchallenged. My only hope is that a photo-realistic Legend of Zelda game will be in the works.

To whom it may concern:

Re: Wii’s successor system

Nintendo Co., Ltd. has decided to launch in 2012 a system to succeed Wii, which the company has sold 86.01 million units on a consolidated shipment basis between its launch in 2006 and the end of March 2011.

We will show a playable model of the new system and announce more specifications at the E3 Expo, which will be held June 7-9, 2011, in Los Angeles.

Sales of this new system have not been included in the financial forecasts announced today for the fiscal term ending March 2012.

Source: The Tanooki

A Tale of Two Princes

I think everyone in the world is well aware (and probably well fatigued) of the Royal Wedding that occurred over the weekend. Why, then, would I bring it up and rub it in your faces even more? Because, dear friends, we're talking about a pair of Royals who aren't just hot by Royal standards – let's face it, King Henry VIII's direct line hasn't always been genetically blessed – but hot by most standards across the board.

Diana's living legacies, Harry and William, have inherited a fair mix of both parents' features and for the most part, they work together surprisingly well. Granted, William got the baldness gene from his father which certainly isn't serving him well, but he's nonetheless easy on the eyes. Harry, while he didn't inherit many of Diana's features outright, there's a mischievous sparkle in his eye that she's directly responsible for. And I dare say, t'were her genetics that are responsible for giving him the body that he has today. Bless her.


Harry certainly has the rugged masculinity and better body of the two brothers. However, we've never had the good fortune of seeing Harry expose much more than his torso. The same can't be said of William. While on his school's polo team, he showed off quite a bit of leg in his speedos. But that's not all. He's had his willie caught on camera. That makes him a future king with wang shots on the internet. Ultimately, he wins.


The following shot has been widely circulating Tumblr since Saturday. No one can vouch for it's authenticity, and to be honest, I can't imagine that Clarence House or the Royal Family would have allowed something like this to get out. On the other hand, if it's genuine, I have to say that Harry's knickers are brilliant.

Music Monday: Tyler James

A friend of mine turned me on to a Nashville-based musician who's part of a bigger project you might've heard recently, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros. Tyler is one hell of a talented young'n. Sure, he's a few years older than myself, but his music embodies a youthful connotation. His voice has an earnest yearning which when paired with his lyrics of love and loss, create a sense of an innocent wisdom. First track up is his best selling single thus far, "All I Got." Talk about a smooth talker singer.

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The video for "All I Got." While Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros have a naturally grand sound, even on sparsely instrumented tracks, Tyler's album feels very intimate. It feels as though every song is being sung directly to the listener. Just as the girl in the video is the recipient of the song in that moment in time, so too does it feel as though James is crooning to each of us when we're listening. "Soapbox Shakedown" is an example of that innocent wisdom I spoke of earlier. He's lamenting the curse of being a part of a younger generation than those who've came before.

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"One More Chance" tells the story of searching for something greater than what you've been born with, and ultimately realizing that sometimes, the answers can be found within the familiar.

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As a bonus, watch this live performance of the song "Don't Leave" five years ago. His talent has obviously been with him for some time now.