By the way, with all of these Grabby's photos, I suppose some of you might like to know who won what. You can go to the official Grabby's website to find out, or I could just repost the winners here. Okay, twist my arm. Best Duo Benjamin Bradley and Brian Hanson Lotus/Buckshot Hottest Cut Cock Shane Frost Hottest Uncut Cock Kris Evans Best Group Tony Madrid, Raul Enquidanos, Ray Andres and Justin Harris Costa Brava/Kristen Bjorn Best Fetish Movie Double Czech: Twins in Lust Channel 1 Releasing Best Fetish - Extreme Kennel Master Titan Men Best International Movie Too Big To Fail Bel Ami Best Solo Shane Frost Shane's Pool Party/Jock Best Videography Tony DiMarco Brutal 1 & 2/Raging Stallion Studios Best Pornstar Blog Mike Dreyden Best Box Cover Hot SexRaging Stallion Studios Best Pro/Am (Professional Amateur Production) Deep In The Fox Hole Active Duty Best Porn Blog Gay Porn Times Best Versatile Performer Wilfried Knight Best Screenplay Chris Steele Getting Levi's Johnson/Jet Set Men Best Ethnic Production Steamworks Raging Stallion Studios Best Art Direction Getting Levi's Johnson Jet Set Men Hottest Cum Scene Samuel Colt, Alessio Romero, Arpad Miklos & Brenn Wyson Crotch Rockets / Mustang Best Comedy Getting Levi's Johnson Jet Set Men Best Pornstar Site Next Door Studios Hottest Rimming Benjamin Bradley and Brian Hanson Lotus/Buckshot Best Still Photographer Greg Lenzman Best Threeway Dominic Pacifico,Spencer Reed and Alexsander Freitas Adrenaline / Mustang Best Supporting Actor Bren Wyson Brutal 1 &2/Raging Stallion Studios Best Director Tony DiMarco Brutal 1&2/Raging Stallion Studios Hottest Bottom Angelo Marconi Best Nonsexual Howard Andrew Grand Slam/Channel 1 Releasing Best Twink Production My Summer Vacation 1 Citi Boyz Best Newcomer Steve Diagle Best Newcomer Riley Price Best Actor Brent Everett Grand Slam/Channel 1 Releasing Best Original Content Next Door Studios Best European Theme Site Bel Ami Online Best Fetish Site Active Duty Best VOD Site Naked Sword Best Video Company Site Hot House Entertainment Best Affiliate Program Channel 1 Releasing Affiliate Program Best Live Cam Camera Boys Best Mega Site Suite 703 Performer of the Year Samuel Colt Performer of the Year Brent Everett Best Movie Costa Brava/Kristen Bjorn Best All-Sex Movie Loading Zone Hot House Entertainment Lifetime Achievement Kristen Bjorn Wall of Fame Sister Roma Steve Shay Brandon Baker Dean Monroe

Craig’s Grabby Life

While at the annual Post-Grabby Brunch, I met the writer and creator of Craig's Pop Life. Not only was he a great conversationalist, but he takes absolutely wonderful pictures of the events he attends! Take a look at a few of these and then go peruse the rest at his website and his Flickr feed.

Roma, Chris, Samuel & Tim
Recent roping prey Bobby Clark, with hunter Tony Buff.
They're The Kids In America: Bel Ami is represented Stateside for the first time in a long time.
Brent Everett. He and his husband are both extraordinarily gorgeous, and extraordinarily nice.
Tommy Defendi. Just a good old fashioned cool dude.
A cool dude who doesn't mind pleasing his fans.
These guys are still a pair of real treasures. I like everything they represent.


Don't forget: Craig's Pop Life is where you can find all of these and more! Click on any of the pictures above to visit!

Gay Porn Blog. This.

You need to go read/ogle Gay Porn Blog's coverage of the weekend right now. Why? This.

Follow Gay Porn Blog and author Shamama on Twitter.

A Buff Conquest

For three years, Tony Buff has been waiting for his chance to have a go at Bobby Clark. On Friday, that wait came to an end. Personally, I don't know how Bobby could resist for so long. I don't think my psyche would be strong enough to withstand that kind of wanton desire from Mr. Buff. Let's just say, Bobby looks good in Tony's ropework. The following are from Chris Yosef's Twitter feed:
A methodical process.
The look of a satisfied hunter upon capturing his prey.

Grabbys/IML Visual Recap: Part I

This past weekend was a blast. There was, by last year's standards, practically zero drama. As such, the pictures that follow tell a very happy narrative. Thankfully. First up, some snaps from my friend and all around good guy, TBall. Check his website for more. Included are shots from Thursday night at Hydrate, which was Chi Chi's annual Skin Trade Grabby Weekend Kick-Off party, as well as photos from an event on Friday.
The charming, kind and beautiful Donny Wright and I.
Ash Camerazzi & Bobby Clark
Cole Streets & Tom Wolfe
More Donny goodness! We were flanking Tamara of GPCrush.
I totally took the opportunity to photobomb this shot of the gals with the Bel Ami boys. Because, when am I going to be in a picture with Bel Ami boys again?
Kennedy & Gabe. Let the record show that Kennedy is literally the sweetest man in all the world.
This sums up Parker Perry. Adorable, furry and always willing to take advantage of his vacation time!
Ash and Erin flanking Tony Buff. I dare you to not get weak in the knees around him. Talk about an energy that just won't quit.
Three beauties: Austin Wilde, Laura D and Ryan Raz.
Chris Porter sandwiched between The Maverick Men, Cole and Hunter.


Now let us delve into some photos from Rolling Blackouts, shall we? These photos were taken at the Tim & Roma Variety Hour. Variety, says I? Well, there were gorgeous porn boys! Table-tipping! Rimming and a blowjob! Good ol' spice-of-life stuff, right there.

Brent Corrigan and Shamama of Gay Porn Blog.
Kennedy & Tamara
Dayton O'Connor & Element Eclipse
My weekend roomate Erynn getting a whiff-gift of Samuel Colt's pit.
Erynn again, this time joined by cute-as-a-button Jake Austin.
Starrfucker himself, Jeremy Lucido.
Jimmy Durano's face + Samuel Colt's ass. Woof.
  As I said, good times were had by all. Check back soon, because this is just the tip of the sexy iceberg.

Shaak-a Khan

Shaak Ti is one of my favorite characters, and yet she appears so little.


Peter Parker, Housewife

Darn Mary Jane, making Peter do his laundry in his skivvies.

  Faith, Trust, & Wanderlust.

Spirit of the Holiday

For those of you who aren't aware, Memorial Day weekend in Chicago is home to two very gay and very oppositely gay types of events. IML, the International Mr. Leather Contest and gay porn award show, The Grabbys. In the spirit of the former, take a look at these leather bejocked (yes, I just pulled that word out of my ass) hocks of meat.  

  Nude Beat.

Bow ties are cool.

Thanks to my fellow #nerdjizz contributor, Frank (ClosetCaseBlog,) I've become obsessed with Doctor Who.  

  Your Nice New Outfit | The 11th Doctor- I grew up with the Tom Baker....

Full Frontal Nerdity

How you durrrin'? Hanging out in the nurrrrd and such.

  Demons of Awesomeness.