Skins: MTV Dares To Bare!

Over at The Daily Beast, Jace Lacob has some rather good points about the controversy that MTV has stirred up in the wake of it's remake of a rather great British series. Personally, regardless of the consequences, I'm glad that cable television is finally taking more risks. If MTV inadvertently desensitizes viewers into a more European attitude towards nudity, all in their quest for ratings and controversy, I say power to them. On Monday night's episode, we saw some bare ass towards the end of the hour. Hopefully there'll be more of that. (And more cursing, too. I love cursing.) The clip and the link to the article can be found below. 'Skins' Is Not Kiddie Porn! MTV Show Breaks No Child Pornography Laws - The Daily Beast.

Going Up?

Found with the tagline "This is where I get off..." Simply marvelous.

my personal stock, ocelotjimwi: “This is where I get off …”.

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There's something  to be said for those who disregard their surroundings and/or consequences.

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Super Mario in 3 Dimensions!

There's finally some news as to what sort of outing the worlds most famous plumber will be making on Nintendo's forthcoming handheld. Miyamoto hinted that he want's to release news of the true-3D Mario as soon as possible. Follow the link to read more over at GameSpot!

Super Mario Bros. 3DS en route - News at GameSpot.