Playing Sin-tendo

Can you spot and name all the different controllers? (Not counting his joystick.)


Working all the right angles.


Cock + COCK.

Hanging Out, Playing Halo

This is what my roommates and I did all the time in college! Only... less dick, more weed.

tommywellsnet: got your @nerdjizz right here! – Hey Harvey Walker.

Metroid is DOA?

Okay, so in this instance I'm referring to the game Dead or Alive and not the fact that the Metroid series is seemingly dead on arrival after that last entry, Other M. Because let's face it, Other M was an awful entry into Samus' canon. What I'm referring to is an apparent level in the forthcoming Dead or Alive Dimensions for the Nintendo 3DS themed upon Metroid, including a constantly hovering appearance by Ridley! After the disappointing turn on the Wii by Team Ninja, it seems surprising that Nintendo would allow them to continue using the property. But then again, that's business for you. I'm sure there's some sort of contractual stipulation overflow from Other M that gives Team Ninja rights to do so. Regardless, I'm just happy this go-around is much more measured. At least Samus won't be a playable character. Speaking of having Samus as a playable character in a fighting game, I just had a thought as to how awesome a portable Smash Brothers title would be on the 3DS! Here's hoping that comes to light within the first year of the device's lifespan. Watch the video below examining the Metroid-themed stage.

Bitch Pleeeeeze

It's a shame that SNL axed cast member Michaela Watkins. Her "Bitch Pleeze" segments were some of my favorites. From the following sketch:

Fast and Furious? More like I wish Vin Diesel would take a fast walk into a furious woodchipper. Biiiittchh pleeeze.

Stolen From GaySexNearby

GaySexNearby's follower @rawdiggah submitted this photo to him. It was too good to not share with you nerds. What a clever idea. Screenshot during a video recording on the iPhone. I'm gonna have to test this out with someone. Any volunteers?

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A Hardened Stormtrooper

Hard Pencils.

Coming Soon: Bad Teacher

Though that title sounds like a porno, it's actually a forthcoming Cameron Diaz flick. Personally, I can't wait to see it. If the movie itself lives up to this trailer, I think it may very well go on one of my "all-time" lists in the comedy column. I mean, watch it. Phyllis from The Office! Jason Segel! Crazy girl from Dinner For Shmucks! I can't effing wait.
Bad Teacher Trailer
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Antoine Dodson Goes to Hogwarts

Handsome Solo

I love guys who give it up on Cam4.
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