Chris Porter. Seriously. Look at this guy! I think one of the biggest constants in my porn-loving life is my support for Mr. Porter. Sure, he's been putting on some muscle lately so this picture doesn't accurately reflect his build today, but this is one of my favorite photos of him. The light loves him, the camera loves him. His tattoos are works of art painted upon a beautiful canvas. His boyfriend, Samuel Colt, is one lucky son of a bitch. Actually, no, I take that back. Both of those guys are lucky sons o' bitches. I've had the opportunity to meet them and despite being unforgivingly sexy, they're tried-and-true gentlemen. (Also, Mr. Porter is a gamer. I wish he had time to join me on XBox Live!) Click the photograph to read Chris's blog. It's worth it. He's funny, and he loves to post sexy photographs. Who wouldn't want to subscribe to that RSS feed?

Rabbits and Wolves.

Music Monday: Iron & Wine

No doubt for most people the one and only song they know by Iron & Wine is their cover of "Such Great Heights" which Zach Braff featured in Garden State. I was certainly one of those people when I was younger that only associated that particular song with I&W. The difference was that I was aware of the song before it was featured in the movie, you know, because I'm so painfully hip. (Ha!) At any rate, Sam Beam - the creative mastermind - has released the fourth LP and it's rather fantastic. A week ago, the band appeared on Conan to promote and perform the third track from the album. "Tree By The River" is a wonderful throwback tune to the style and simplicity of late-70's folk. Particularly good use of electric piano and female vocal harmonies, in my humble opinion. There are a few more standouts on the album, particularly the first and second tracks, "Walking Far From Home" and "Me and Lazarus" respectively. Finally, "Godless Brother in Love" is wonderful as well. You'd be doing yourself a favor by picking this album up. I know I definitely have a particular taste in music *cough* indie folk *cough* but I just know you'll like it too!

GayPornFanatic Showcasing Devon Hunter’s Sex Tape with David SF!

Photo by Julian Vankim, 2010.

I had to give a shout out to Gay Porn Fanatic and direct you all to his site. This video of Devon Hunter (who is as sweet as pie and sexy as fuck!) doing the nasty. It's real and raw. It's hot and heavy. Click the link below and go watch it.

1.19.11 Devon Hunter's Sex Tape! (@Devon_Hunter) | Gay Porn Fanatic.com. By the way, you can find Gay Porn Fanatic in my sidebar. I encourage you to give all of the links a try. I wouldn't list them if they weren't worth my time.

Meet the new Superman. Again.

I never had the same affinity for DC Universe heroes that I had for their counterparts over at Marvel, so I can't claim to have been one of those kids who jumped on the Superman bandwagon in my youth. I did have a real thing for Batman: The Animated Series and the two films by Tim Burton, but the comics themselves never worked their way into my life.  But that particular lack of attachment to Superman was the reason I didn't bother watching the most recent film, Superman Returns by Brian Singer until just after this past Thanksgiving. I wasn't blown away, but I found it to be an adequate story with pleasing visuals, and a comedically stylized take on some of the characters.

Note: I didn't go completely cold-turkey with Superman when I was a kid. I really liked the Lois & Clark series. I don't really remember the overarching storyline. I just remember liking it.

Anyway, I'm blabbering on about this, but I do have a point. I'm quite hesitant to see what comes of this lastest announcement that Henry Cavill has been cast in Zack Snyder's upcoming reboot. These damn reboots are going to eventually lead to the death of the "good" comic book movie which barely had a chance to survive in the first place. Now, I was probably one of the very few who loved Snyder's Watchmen as an adaptation of the source material. I know Alan Moore feels his work has just been shat upon, but I think he's missing the point that despite the fact that his original material is absolutely brilliant, it's also so good that it lends itself well to creative adaptation in cinema. V for Vendetta is another example of Moore's work being adapted for Hollywood. Again, digressing. I just wanted to show you that this guy, below, is going to be the new Superman. And I'm not immediately excited about it.

The Tudors' Henry Cavill is revealed as the famous superhero | Mail Online.

Is Anyone Up?

Have you nerds heard of Is Anyone Up? It's kind of super great. If there's a self-shot of a hot guy, cute girl, emo douchebag or unfortunate butterface, it will likely be making an appearance on that site. I'm a fan.

Is Anyone Up? - Part 2.

Kevin Pereira

Last night as I was perusing the analytics of my site, I came across an amusing fact. Twice, I received a visitor to the site who ended up up here by googling the phrase "Kevin Pereira xtube." Now, before you go doing the same, just know it's a moot search. The Attack of the Show co-host is a little too smart to let his naughty bits be displayed in the internets. However, I would think he'd be flattered to know that at least someone was interested enough to see if those naughty bits were indeed on display. I don't know if it's because I've been such a longtime viewer of G4 or if it's because he, and Blair Herter and Chris Hardwick all remind me of my college buddies, but I definitely don't see him/them in a sexual way. Don't get me wrong, I recognize that they are indeed attractive fellas, but just like those old geeky, fratty buddies, theres a decidedly platonic edge involved. BUT, this site is called NerdJizz after all, so what kind of webmaster would I be if I didn't [Dr. Evil voice] throw you a friggin' bone, here. So how about a screencap and a video of Kevin's buns in a sumo mawashi from back in the AOTS Munn-days? (Too much pun?)


I would figure that most of my readership is already very aware of Dudetube Online. (Especially since I sent some photos his way this week in honor of the blog's 5th Anniversary!) If I'm not mistaken, I've frequented that site more regularly than any other adult blog over the course of the past 4.5 years. I remember the early days when it began as a collection of YouTube videos of sexy collegiate guys participating in foolish, semi-naked antics. Before YouTube became so heavily censored, more risque videos of fully naked guys began appearing. DudeTube followed the trend and began showing more skin as well. The videos would last for a few days before being pulled. Then the content moved away from YouTube and towards XTube. The censors at Google-owned Blogger.com also had a hand in shaping the direction of a young DudeTube. When they shutdown then-named dudetube.blogspot.com, webmaster Matt was forced to go a new direction. A short while later, www.dudetubeonline.com was born, and it's been full steam ahead since then.
Image by Cymon King

Cymon King's work can be found here.

Peppered in between posts about hot amateur guys displaying their goods for all to see and reviews of web studio-produced scenes were blurbs about the latest comic book news to satisfy the webmaster's inner fanboy. Content ranged from Matt's favorite artists' stints in major publications to all around badass plot lines. DudeTube had found it's voice and the readership responded in kind. As it turned out, there were a lot of 'dudes' out there who identified very much with the content on the site. I mean, honestly, what guy do you know who wouldn't be happy with a lifetime supply of comics and porn? Exactly. I would be remiss to mention the fact that I owe my identity today to DudeTube. I was featured in my pre-Harvey days via my XTube channel. As a matter of fact, it was a result of those videos being featured that I was able to disclose to all of my friends in real life just how much I liked to show off online. It was during one of the DudeTube chats that I came to receive my first offer to appear on a website that I really respect, Real Guys Exposed. So, long story short, I owe much, if not all, to Matt and to his website. Thankfully he was kind enough to answer a few questions for me that I'd like to share now. What was your original vision when you created this blog? Was it an outlet, a hobby, a deliberate vision? I had absolutely no vision when I started the blog. At the time posting youtube videos on blogs had just started to become popular. I thought the idea of a blog made up of all these videos could be interesting. I had just taken a temporary position at my job and my life have become much more stressful. I guess I was looking for a distraction or escape. In what ways did Dudetube grow and evolve beyond your expectations? It really was the audience response that made the site successful. I was lucky that very early on the blog got picked up by some influential sites. That attention inspired me to keep going and expanding. I never thought the site would make the leap to focusing on explicit content and porn. In the beginning those YouTube videos were pretty PG-13. Of the last 5 years, what have been your proudest and most memorable moments? I have to say that I'm very proud of the community that has formed around the site. For a time the chatroom community was very enaged and through that many people developed close friendships and even relationships. Personally I'm proud that I've stuck with the site and been able turn it from a hobby into my dayjob. Posting content 5 days a week for five years is a lot of work for one person, so I feel a sense of accomplishment. After now having established yourself as part of the industry blogosphere, have you been surprised by anyone, anything or any event? (Surprised either positively, negatively or both.) The most suprising event in the blog's history was when early into the second year Blogger deleted the site without warning or explanation. It was devastating to have all that work just disappear. I received a lot of support after that happened, especially setting up DudetubeOnline.com, which was pleasantly suprising. I'm sure there have been lots of little things over the years that have made me furious or elated, but looking back they don't seem that significant. I'm sure if you told me 5 years ago that I would be a full-time adult blogger I would have been pretty suprised. And finally, what is your modus operandi for the future? The evolution of Dudetube has been very organic, so I don't have any grand plans for the future. I just want to keep delivering great content everyday. And if you didn't see the photos on his site, here's my favorite from the shoot. Happy Anniversary!

Three Joysticks?

I'm not a Playstation man myself, but I'll tell you what I do like: Boners.

Tommy's Tumblr.

Angie + Tech

= A happy Harvey. The love of my life can be seen here seemingly on a set with Brad  (photoshoot, maybe?) inspecting the computer herself. If she were caressing a MacBook, the status of my hard-on would be upgraded to "raging." I know. I ain't right.

Angelina Jolie.

Perks of the Job

Thinking about applying for a job with great benefits? CNNMoney.com just highlighted Fortune's list of 13 companies ranked within the top 100 companies to work for. My favorite? The call-center gal turned Life Coach. About half on the list are tech-firms or Internet start-ups. Wave of the future, hopefully.

Unusual perks - FORTUNE.